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1957? Mahalia Jackson - Documentary - Biography
198? Elizabeth Cotten & Mike Seeger In Concert (Ramblin' Video 804)
1994.2.15 Legends Of Traditional Fingerstyle Guitar (Vestapol VEST-V13004)
1994 Apr Jesse Fuller & Elizabeth Cotten (ISBN: 630290742X Shanandoah Pub)
1994.5.28 John Fahey & Elizabeth Cotten (Vestapol 13015)
1994.9.6 Elizabeth Cotten (Vestapol 13019)
COUNTRY BLUES GUITAR PART ONE taught by Stefan Grossman (63 min. 304-904)
FINGERPICKING GUITAR TECHNIQUES taught by Stefan Grossman (78 min. 304-901)

Mahalia Jackson


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  • 198?
    Elizabet Cotten & Mike Seeger In Concert
    (Ramblin' 804)

    Elizabeth Cotten:
    1. Graduation March
    2. Freight Train
    3. Spanish Flandang
    4. Shake Sugaree
    Mike Seeger:
    1. Hello Stranger
    2. Little Margaret
    3. Rollin' And Tumbblin' Blues
    4. Old Blink Drunk John
    5. Waterbound
    6. Bonaparte's Retreat
    7. Don't Let Your Deal Go Down
    8. The Dreadful Wind And Rain and New Freedom March

    Elizabeth Cotten toured throughout American in the 1970s-1980s with Mike Seeger. She was the "Grandmother" of the folk revival. Her music is clearly rooted in the folk traditionsof the turn of the century. Her unique manner of fingerstyle guitar playing (left handed but with the guitar strung up normal) produced a highly unusual sound and texture. It became so popular that it was called "Cotten Picking". Her composition Freight Train has become an American crassic and has intrigued generations of guitarists. Since the late 1950's, Mike Seeger has been one of the leading performer-collectors of traditional music and a spokesman for the apprecation and study of the music of the southern appalachian region. Mike plays virtually all the instruments used in mountain music - fiddle, banjo, auto-harp, harmonica, dulcimer, guitar, mandolin and Jews harp - and sings tunes ranging from unaccompanied British baladds to country blues to Carter Family songs to old-timey melodies.

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  • Feb 15, 1994
    (VESTAPOL 13004 VI:011671300436)

    Merle Travis, Elizabeth Cotten, Mance Lipscomb, Brownie McGhee, Doc & Merle Watson, Rev. Gary Davis, Roscoe Holcomb, Sam McGee and Josh White Produced by Stefan Grossman

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  • April 1994
    Jesse Fuller & Elizabeth Cotten
    (ISBN: 630290742X Shanandoah Pub, YAZ-V503)

    Both of these musicians formed their unique style from a variety of influences. Black & White. 60 minutes.

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  • May 28, (November?) 1994
    (VESTAPOL 13015 - ISBN: 6302753236 )

    John Fahey
    1. In Christ There Is No East Or West
    2. The Death Of The Clayton Peacock
    3. Red Pony
      and other solos.
    Elizabeth Cotten
    1. Freight Train
    2. What A Friend We Have In Jesus
    3. Ruben
    4. Vestapol
    5. Washington Blues
    6. A Jig
    7. Spanish Flang Dang

    Running time: Approx: 60 minutes / color

    Recorded 1969, Produced by Laura Webber, Front Photos by Dave Gahr

    In 1969. Laura Weber produced GUITAR, GUITAR, a series of TV specials. These 30 minutes broadcasts presented a wide panorama of guitarists playing jazz, folk, blues, classical and flamenco styles. Each show focused on the music and thoughts of one musician. In this video we bring together two of these historical shows presenting John Fahey and Elizabeth Cotten. Both John and Elizabeth are considered icons in the world of fingerstyle guitar. Their unique insights and playing abilities have expanded the horizons and possibilities that traditional playing techniques offer.

    John Fahey has been called the father of American Primitive Guitar. He brings a force and inventiveness to his compositions and playing that is firmly rooted in country blues and folk traditions. His instrumental approach hearvily influenced the playing of Leo Kottke, Will Ackerman and a whole generation of "new age" guitarists. In this video, John talks about his sources of inspiration, guitar styles and techniques and general thoughts on playing.

    Elizabeth Cotten was born in North Carolina at the turn of the century. She is best remembered for her song Freight Train and her wonderful, gentle stage presence that would captivate and charm audiences around the world. Elizabeth was left handed guitarist that used a right handed guitar! She played the guitar upside down which resulted in a very unusual and intricate fingerstyle technique. This became known as "Cotten-Picking". In this video she reminisces about her childhood and learning how to play the guitar as well as illustrating her unique approach.

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  • Sep 06, 1994
    Elizabeth Cotten
    (Vestapol 13019 - ISBN: 1-884691-18-8)
    1. Freight Train
    2. Wilson Rag
    3. Geogia Buck
    4. Rattler
    5. Spanish Flang Dang
    6. Judy's Gota Rambling Mind
    7. Mama, Your Son's Done Gone
    8. Wreck Of The Old 97
    9. Jesus Is Tenderly Calling Today
    10. Vestapol
    11. Buck Dance
    12. Oh, Babe, It Ain't No Lie
    13. Ontalio Blues
    14. Mama, Where's The Baby And Others
    Running time: 59 minutes /color

    Elizabeth Cotten ( 1893 - 1987 ) inspired every fledging fingerpicker of the 'folk boom' era with her crassic "Freight Train". But the notion that the North Carolina-born legend was one-tune wonder is dispelled by her charming demonstration of several styles in this informal performance /interview taped when Cotten was 85 years old. There was more to Libba Cotten than the novelty of her 'upside down' approach to guitar or her most famous song: She continued to make up new ones even in her eighties as well as recall old ones from her tune-of -the-century girlhood. Regtime, blues, three guitar tunings and pre-blues banjo tunes are offered by Cotten. a still formidable player at the time of this taping. Recollections of her life and music are prompted by interviewer Mike Seeger, who played a major role in recording Cotten's repertoire. Close-ups of Cotten's remarkably youthful hands show the nuances of her unique 'Cotten piccking' style, and there's inspiration for guitarists and non-guitarists alike in the dignity and assurance of a very poised octogenarian who never tired of sharing her balanced sense of musicallity and humanity. Produced by Stefan Grossman

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  • 19??
    taught by Stefan Grossman ( 304-904)

    "Freight Train", "Candyman", "Salty Dog Blues", "Blake's Rag", & other blues in C. Features footage of Mississippi John Hurt, Furry Lewis, Elizabeth Cotten, Jesse Fuller, & Rev. Gary Davis. 63 min.

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  • 19??
    taught by Stefan Grossman (304-901)

    Basic concepts of fingerpicking guitar are explained & illustrated with examples in the keys of A, C, D, E, F, and G. Rare footage of Rev. Gary Davis, Mance Lipscomb, Elizabeth Cotten, and Lightnin' Hopkins. For the beginning to intermediate student. 78 min.

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