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-Released or Unreleased(!?):If you have information, please provide me detailed!!!-
Yve Adam???
?????Michael Jackson "Invincible"?????
Michael Jackson 
     ?:[I Have This Dream] Michael Jackson & Lauryn Hill 
Edvin McCain "?" ???
Beverley Mahood ???
Mike Reno "(first solo album)" ???
Niles Rivers "(new album)" ???
Rita "Time For Peace" 
(Mercury France Universal/Helicon Records 546 935-2)
     ?COMPOSED:[To Love You More]
Krush "Hard To Say I'm Sorry"
Krush "Tonight Tonight"
GTS ?COMPOSED:[Through The Fire] Warren Wiebe "Grown-Up Christmas List (Demo Version)" ?PRODUCED,COMPOSED,PLAYING,ARRANGED:[Grown-Up Christmas List (Demo Version)] Gilbert O'Sullivan "Greatest Hits" (Old Repertoire CD) ?PRODUCED:[At The Very Mention Of Your Name] Gilbert O'Sullivan "The Best Of Gilbert O'Sullivan" * ?PRODUCED:[At The Very Mention Of Your Name] ? "?" COMPOSED:[After The Love Is Gone] in 1997, Natalie Cole ?PRODUCED:[A Smile As Beautiful As Yours] - film soundtrack Mariah Carey??? ---------->included ?PRODUCED:[There For Me] SOUNDTRACK "All That Glitters" ??? ?PRODUCED:Mariah Carey [There For Me] SOUNDTRACK "Dance With Wolves" (Epic ZK 66817 Collector's edition 20bit digital transfer on 24-karat gold disc) ?PRODUCED:[The John Dunbar Theme] ?PRODUCED:[Dances with Wolves] Orchestrated by John Barry and recorded on January 2, 1991. Mixed by Humberto Gatica Produced by David Foster and John Barry. -Rumor!? Why?- Christina Aguilera "(the theme song to the 2002 Olympic Games in Salt Lake City)" ->not included Celine Dion "A New Day Has Come" ->not included -Never Released Track- in 199?, Corrs "Talk On Corners" ?:[Make You Mine] ---------->included ?PRODUCED,ARRANGED:[Looking In The Eyes Of Love] ---------->included in 1999, Celine Dion "All The Way" ?:[Run Like A River] ?:[Would I Know] in 1999, Barbra Stereisand "Love Like Ours" ?:[You Are All I Know Of Love] in 1998, Garth Brooks ?:[It's Your Song] in 1998, Beverly Crowder ?:[Heaven Holds The One I Love] in 1998, Faith Hill "Faith" ?:[I Don't Want To Be Your Friend] in 1997 Celine Dion "Let's Talk About Love" ?:[Remind My Heart] ?:[I Couldn't Say Goodbye] ?:[It Wouldn't Be Love] in 1997 Richard Marx "Flesh And Bone" COMPOSED:[Out Of My System] in 1997 Jon Bon Jovi "Anywhere Destination" ?PRODUCED:[It's All In The Name Of Love] in 1997, Barrio Boyz "" ?:[What Other Man] in 1997, Jimmy Nail "" ?:[Just Because I Can] ?:[Winter Sing] in 1994, Debra Blondo "" ?:[Innocence] in 1994, Millennium (Warren Wiebe's Project) This group with Warren Wiebe, Nita Whitaker, Will Wheaton, Joey Diggs, Suzette Charles recorded 14 songs.
The album was finished but for some reasons never released.
The group also got the name New Millenium in some promotional material. ?COMPOSED:[Everything You Are] in 1993, David Foster/Arthur Janov "Scream" This is in fact a David Foster musical. Warren Wiebe sang on 4-5 of the songs and David Foster did a couple of beautiful duets in this musical.
Unfortunately none of the songs has later been released except for "The Color Of My Love". ?COMPOSED:[The Colour Of My Love] in 1993, Janet Gretzky ?PRODUCED,COMPOSED:[Small Hands Reach Out] in 1992, Deniece Williams ?PRODUCED:[Always Remember, Never Forget] ?PRODUCED:[Does Your Momma Know About Me] ?PRODUCED:[If Not For Love]

I have CDs marked as a "*".

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David Foster is a GREAT player, composer, arranger, and visionary producer. Having just come on board at Atlantic Records and Warner as Vice-President and having his own Atlantic-distributed label,143 Records, David Foster is a person whose amazing career is just hitting its stride. Over the past two decades, he has produced too many great songs, especially beautiful love-ballard, for example, "After The Love Is Gone", "Hard To Say I'm Sorry", "I Will Always Love You", "The Power Of Love", "The Power Of The Dream", "Because You Loved Me", "Quest For Camelot", "Have You Ever".
My name is Teruhiko "Teru2" YOSHIMURA. I am a GREAT fan of David Foster in addition to Celine Dion, Lara Fabian, Janey Clewer and Bruce Gaitsch, Jay Graydon. And I'm the editor of this web site. This will be a perfect database of David Foster.

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Celine Dion with David Foster in "Aren't They All Our Children"

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