Stressed Out (close To The Edge)


All for one and one for all
All in it together
That's the way it used to be
Nothing lasts forever

*Stranger than fiction
Life is a mystery 
Nothing is tuning (Turning out)
The way that we planned it to be

**I'm close to the edge
And I have a fear ot falling
I carry the curse
(And) Things keep going from bad to worse

Making trouble, raising hell
Were the things we did so well
Things ain't what they used to be
Gotta wake up to reality, it's


I'm close to the edge
And I have a fear of falling
The time in between
Has buried the past
So close to the edge
The mirror reflects a stranger
It's all in reverse
And things keep goin' from bad to worse


Close to the edge
(Repeat and fade)