Serious Music Monologue (in English)


I have one serious music critique page (in Japanese) in "Beautiful Nanbu Line and Central Europe".

[1] Guillaume Lekeu

They say, no gifted composer was born in Belgium. I think, the only one exception is Guillaume Lekeu (1870 - 1894). It seems to me that Belgian government ignores or forget to advertise his name. Lekeu's "Piano Quartet" is one evidence that he was a genius. I think, many commonplace minds imitated his beautiful sound and melody. (Oct 05)


[2-1] Chopin : Piano Sonata No2 & No3

I am conveinced that Chopin' s music is boomimg and will boom more significantly. Core of his creativity is his Piano Sonata No2 & No3.  

When I listen to 3rd Movement of the Sonata No3 (please download the MIDI which I prepared), the feeling is like melancholic evening (similar feeling as of Viennese late-romantic music or Rachmanioff). Chopin composed the 3rd Piano Sonata in 1844. This verifies Chopin's extraorginal talent. (Oct 05)
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[2-2] Tschaikowsky : Piano Sonata "Grand Sonata"

Tschaikowsky's Piano Sonata also includes fascinating passages. Following MIDI files are quoted from the 1st movement (Moderato e risoluto) (Oct 05).
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[2-3] Borodin : String Quartet No.2 D-dur , 1st Movement (piano version by BT): I deeply feel russian melancholy.  
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[3] Franz Schmidt: Second Symphony

In Jul 2001, I started to make sentences on serious music matters (in English) in this page. I am heavily interested in Wiener music at the end of 19th century & at the beginning of 20th century. Especially, I am interested in Franz Schmidt. His second symphony is marvelous! Below notes refer to Part B of 1st movement of this symphony (brass section only). This is a brilliant climax (*) of roaring brass sound which realize tint of Central European culture at the beginning of 20th century ! (*: The first climax among a lot of climaxs in this symphony)




4. PIETRO MASCAGNI. (One of most excellent designers of orchestral works)

His "Intermezzo sinfonico of CAVALLERIA RUSTICANA" is an essence of Italian charming harmony of strings. Who aims to become a composer of beautiful serious music shall learn by heart the notes of "Intermezzo". This attractive harmony (for example, (1) 1st Violin: F>A>C, 2nd Violin: A&C, Viola: F, Cello: F>E>D, (2) 1st Violin: C, 2nd Violin: F&D, Viola: D, Cello: G) can be applied for compsition of a new colorful music which can be accepted by modern people.

I prepared one MIDI file containing Mascagni's "Cavalleria Rusticana, Intermezzo" in the portal site of this site. I would like to prepare another MIDI file containing Rachmaninov's "Piano Sonata No.2" or "Prelude C Sharp Minor" (Heavenly beautiful music!!). However, due to copyright validity extension privilege (by 10 years) for victorious countries of the 2nd world war, I gave up the preparation and uploading.