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08/03/2001 Thanks for 100,000 people coming!

Update index file.

11/20/2000 Open Fine Art.

Update preview of "Sidotoge no Satujin -Master's Edition-."

07/29/2000 Update index file and delete "Sidotoge no Satujin (Version1.2)."

06/18/2000 Update Preview of "Taizan-cho no Satujin."

06/13/2000 Update "Sidotoge no Satujin (Version1.2)."

05/22/2000 Update index file.

04/15/2000 Release "Anjo Dori no Satujin -Master's Edition- (demo)."

03/30/2000 Release "Anjo Dori no Satujin -Master's Edition-."

01/18/2000 Update and delete pages.

01/17/2000 Update index file.

12/13/99 Update preview of "Anjo Dori no Satujin -Master's Edition-."

12/10/99 Update preview of "Anjo Dori no Satujin -Master's Edition-."

12/03/99 Update an essay.

11/22/99 Update index file.

11/16/99 Update preview of "Shuikaigan no Satujin" and "Devil's Backstreet."

11/10/99 Update an essay.

10/25/99 Update index file.

10/17/99 --------------The end of "The First Year Operation"--------------

10/01/99 Release "Sidotoge no Satujin (Version1.2)."

09/27/99 Update an essay.

09/26/99 Update an essay.

09/15/99 Release "ODNW."

09/14/99 Add some links.

09/14/99 Release "Sidotoge no Satujin (Version1.1)."

09/10/99 Update index file.

08/29/99 Start writing "Business and Stuff."

05/21/99 Thanks for 10,000 people coming!

05/10/99 Release "Sidotoge no Satujinin(demo.)."

04/24/99 Update index file.

04/18/99 Add some gifs.

04/16/99 Adjust and reorganize some pages.

04/05/99 Add some links.

03/24/99 Update intro file.

03/23/99 Update an essay and add some links.

03/21/99 Release Omikuji.

03/14/99 Update index file.

03/12/99 Update index file.

02/21/99 Update index file and an essay.

02/13/99 Update index file.

02/06/99 Update an essay.

02/05/99 Update preview of "Sido toge no satujin."

02/04/99 Release "Anjo dori no satujin." (Version1.2)

02/02/99 Update index file.

01/29/99 Update index file.

01/25/99 Update pages.

01/14/99 Release "Anjo dori no satuzin."

12/21/98 Delete game2 file(Bunny!). It will be right back.(Merry Christmas and Happy New Year)

12/08/98 Update index file.(Merry Christmas and Happy New Year)

11/30/98 Update index file. Release Bunny!(game for windows 95 or 98)

11/25/98 Update an essay.

11/24/98 Update index file due to its weight.

11/10/98 Update an essay.

11/08/98 Release Run!(game for windows 95 or 98)

11/01/98 Open Freak Show.(by the way, happy Halloween)

10/31/98 Establish links and add some URL in it.(by the way, happy Halloween)

10/29/98 Release Floating Girls and Fine Arts(They are doing well)

--------------The end of the first editing--------------

(I'll probably update this site once a week from now.)

10/26/98 Update an essay

10/25/98 Establish a bulletin board

10/24/98 Add some Hige Dancers(They are doing well)

10/23/98 Add some Henna Ojisan in somewhere(They are doing well)

10/22/98 Add some Oyaji Dancers at contents (They are doing well)

10/21/98 Delete some stuff in a warehouse due to its weight

10/20/98 Add some stuff in a warehouse

10/19/98 Add some stuff in a warehouse

10/18/98 Update in some details

10/17/98 Open