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Wada, Hirose, Mihon, Kamigata, Ramsden and Spiro etc.
From the standpoint of Cancellation research:
In this Category Ramsden & Spiro are clearly independent. And Wada, Hirose, Mihon and Kamigata are likely to have some relationships, that is, to have the same sub-constructors as cancellation-makers or cancellation-printers.
But forger's name of Mihon is still unknown right now. (Mihon=見本
means only specimen)
Tete-Beshe 1sen & 4sen are very interesting, At Meiji period, who thought to make such a sheet. which was in late Riichi Yoshida Collection ? They are looked to belong to the Wada Hirose Group ,and the style of sheet is similar to Hirose.
Skillful 1sen forger is also unknown, it's items are too rare to identify, but only a clear bota cancellation is the same as the Hirose 2sen yellow.  
ref: page75
1 Wada Bota Tokyo 1
22 Wada Irregular 8 50 Hirose bota
2 Wada Bota Tokyo 2 23 Wada Irregular 9 51 Hirose Irregular
3 Wada Bota Osaka Yokohama Kyoto 24 Wada Irregular 10 52 Hirose Ki-ban
4 Wada Bota Kobe Nagoya etc. 25 Wada Irregular 11 53 Hirose Double-Circle
5 Wada Bota Otsu etc. 30 Wada Ki-ban 1 Tokyo etc. 54 Hirose Kensa & Fusoku
6 Wada Bota Cross-Shaped 1 31 Wada Ki-ban 2 Matsuzaka etc. 56 Mihon Bota
7 Wada Bota Cross-shaped 2 32 Wada Ki-ban 3 Kofu etc. 57 Mihon Irregular
8 Wada Bota Cross-shaped 3 33 Wada Ki-ban 4 without syllabic 58 Mihon Ki-ban
9 Wada Bota Petal-shaped 35 Wada Double-Circle 1 MOZO.etc. 59 Mihon Double-Circle
10 Wada Bota Dot-focused 36 Wada Double-Circle 2 Tokyo 60 Mihon Kensa & Fusoku
11 Wada Bota Miscellaneous 37 Wada Double-Circle 3 Osaka 65 Kamigata Bota
15 Wada Irregular 1 38 Wada Double-Circle 4 Kyoto.etc. 66 Kamigata Irregular & Ki-ban
16 Wada Irregular 2 39 Wada Double-Circle 5 YOKOHAMA etc. 67 Kamigata Double-Circle & Kensa etc.
17 Wada Irregular 3 40 Wada Bisected Comb-type 70 Tete-Beshe 1 sen 4sen
18 Wada Irregular 4 41 Wada Kensa 1 71 Skillful 1sen Cherry
19 Wada Irregular 5 42 Wada Kensa 2 72 H.A.Ramsden
20 Wada Irregular 6
43 Wada Kensa 3 73 Spiro
21 Wada Irregular 7 44 .Wada Fusoku.Postage-Due 75 MEMO Identification
. . . . . .

Unknown forgers products
Forgers of these are all unknown, 83( Most dangerous Dragons)are very elaborately made about both cancellations and Stamps themselves,.they are so rare . I think these were made by one of the most skillful etcher at that period only to show superiority of his techniques.
80 Primitive Dragon & Cherry 82 Most Dangerous Dragon .
81 Primitive Koban 83 Skillful 30sen Cherry . .
. . . . . .

AnotherTrial Research about New -Type Forgeries Group??
New-Type Forgeries Group name is from only my idea.
Forgers of this category are also unknown, 92 & 94(Wooward 1sen & 6sen) were discovered by Tracy Woodward and introduced as 'Postal Forgery' in his book.
But these 1sen & 6sen have no relationships except the fact that they were discovered by Woodward. So these are independent each other.
And some of Cancellation on the items of this category are common and the face value of each are all defferent, so I feel there is a possibility that they have special relationships belonging to same forger. At present I cannot perfectly prove that they were made by the same forger, because items of this category are so rare. I hope more items are found to prove my hypothesis.
ref: page 98

90 Dragon
Incorrect Corner Ornament
93 Cherry-Blossom 4sen Corner White-Lozenge 96 Cherry-Blossom
Most Dangerous
91 Cherry-Blossom 1/2sen
NW Corner Small
94 Cherry-Blossom 6sen
. .
92 Cherry-Blossom
95 Cherry-Blossom
98 Trial Identification


(W)・・from Kr.Wilhelmsen's Book
or offered by Ron Casey who succeeded K.W's collection
(K)・・from Syoji Koseki Collection
(R)・・from Ron Casey Collection.
(M)・・from Mac Strathdee Collection
(CD)・・from I.S.J.P.CD-ROM
Red numbers are from Kr.Wilhelmsen's Book page274-287.