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まだ調査が不十分ですが分かった範囲で英語訳のリストを作りました。このうち現在でも入手可能と思われるのは、Amereon Ltd. の 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea から Floating City までの10作品くらいです。これら以外のものについては値段は全然あてにならないのでご注意ください。

追記: この一覧表はまだAmazonで洋書を買うことが一般的ではなかった2000年7月頃に作成したもので、現在ではほとんど役に立たないと思われますが、当面新しいリストを作る予定もないのでこのまま残しています。

Amereon Ltd.

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea 0-848-80773-127.95
Around the World in Eighty Days 0-884-11917-321.95
Journey to the Centre of the Earth 0-884-11918-123.95
Measuring a Meridian 0-848-82066-522.95
Southern Star Mystery 0-848-82074-622.95
Dropped from the Clouds 0-848-82043-622.95
Wilderness of Ice 0-848-82047-922.95
Cryptogram 0-848-80654-918.95
Into the Abyss 0-848-82063-022.95
Floating City 0-848-82041-X22.95
Dr. Ox's Experiment : Drama in the Air 0-884-11915-718.95
Master Zacharius : A Winter Amid the Ice0-884-11916-519.95
Chancellor 0-884-11914-921.95
Claim of Forty Mile Creek 0-848-82054-122.95
Tribulations of a Chinese Gentlemen 0-848-82058-422.95
Master of the World 0-891-90518-920.95
Off on a Comet 0-884-11902-532.95
Dick Sands the Boy Captain 0-884-11904-131.95
At the North Pole 0-884-11905-X23.95
Desert of Ice 0-884-11903-324.95
Tigers and Traitors 0-884-11909-222.95
Demon of Cawnpore 0-884-11908-422.95
Into the Niger Bend 0-884-11911-423.95
City in the Sahara 0-884-11912-220.95
Fur Country 9-990-22275-429.95

Airmont Pub. Co.

Flood and Flame 0-685-06557-X9.90
Down the Amazon 0-685-27949-99.90
Chancellor 0-685-06544-89.90
Adrift in the Pacific 0-685-06536-79.90
Mysterious Document 0-874-97028-89.90
Among the Cannibals 0-685-06538-39.90
School for Crusoes 0-685-27951-09.90
Sea Serpent 0-874-97035-09.90
Southern Star Mystery 0-874-97039-39.90
Village in the Treetops 0-874-97047-49.90
Drama in Livonia 0-685-27950-29.90
Carpathian Castle 0-685-06543-X9.90
Journey to the Center of the Earth0-804-90060-48.45
Round the Moon 0-804-90182-16.45
Master of the World   
20, 000 Leagues under the Sea   
Around the World in 80 Days   
Michael Strogoff   
The Mysterious Island   
From the Earth to the Moon   

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A Floating City The Begum's Fortune
Five Weeks in a Balloon Michael Strogoff
Dropped from the Clouds The Secret of the Island
Tigers and Traitors The Demon of Cawnpore
From the Earth to the Moon Round the Moon
Into the Niger Bend The City in the Sahara
20,000 Leagues Under the Sea The Mystery of Arthur Gordon Pym
Propeller Island Journey to the Centre of the Earth
At the North Pole The Wilderness of Ice
For the Flag Black Diamonds
Yesterday and Tomorrow The Chancellor
Package Holiday End of the Journey
The Masterless Man The Unwilling Dictator
The Southern Star Mystery A School for Crusoes
The Show on Ice The Travelling Circus
The Sun in Eclipse Through the Behring Strait
The Cryptogram Down the Amazon
Drama in Livonia Carpathian Castle
The Claim on Forty Mile Creek Flood and Flame
The Clipper of the Clouds Master of the World
The Tribulations of a Chinese GentlemanThe Secret of Wilhelm Storitz
Burbank the Northerner Texar the Southerner
Adrift in the Pacific Second Year Ashore
The Mysterious Document Among the Cannibals
Dr. Ox and Other Stories Measuring a Meridian
Salvage from the Cynthia Village in the Treetops
The Green Ray : The Blockade Runners The Hunt for the Meteor
Anomalous Phenomena Homeward Bound
The Purchase of the North Pole Flight to France
Leader of the Resistance Into the Abyss
Around the World in 80 Days The Sea Serpent
The Danube Pilot  

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