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== Introduction ==

This website is the oldest fansite for the French writer Jules Verne in Japan. Via this website, we mean to introduce not only his major works but also minor ones to Japanese readers. In Japan, Jules Verne is one of the most famous French writer and Deux ans de vacances is the most famous work of him. The first translation (from an English edition, at that time) of Deux ans de vacances was published in 1898 and dozens of translations have been published since then. One of the best works of translation ("texte intégral") of this title is available from the publisher Kaiseisha and you can find it at Amazon.co.jp (vol.1 and vol.2).

The first Japanese translation of Jules Verne is Le Tour du monde en quatre-vingts jours by the translator KAWASHIMA Chunosuke in 1878, which is known as the most early translation of French literature directly translated from French text. If you are interested in early Japanese translations, here is a chronological table : Japanese Translations in the Meiji Era. Up to now, about 40 of his works has already been translated. Some of our recommending Japanese editions are: Voyage au centre de la Terre, Le Tour du monde en quatre-vingts jours, and From the Earth to the Moon (annotated by W. J. Miller).

If you can't read Japanese, Infoseek machine translation (Japanese to English, Chinese, Korean) will be helpful for you. If you want some more information on this website or Japanese editions of Jules Verne, please send e-mails to or write your questions or comments at Jules Verne Board (ID:verne and Password:1828 for writing; Some members can read English or French). Thank you for your visit.

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== Contents ==

  1. BIOGRAPHY --- a biography of Jules Verne (under construction).
  2. BIBLIOGRAPHY --- a bibliography of Jules Verne with an introduction of each novel.
  3. EDITIONS --- many kinds of Jules Verne books.
    [ Japanese ] [ Meiji ] [ French ] [ E-texts ] [ Titles in E-F-J ] ...
  4. CRITICS --- books and criticisms discussing Jules Verne.
    [ Indispensable ] [ Japanese ] [ Translated ] [ Articles ] ...
  5. RELATIONS --- writers and novels related to Jules Verne.
    [ Hetzel ] [ Flammarion ] [ Belyaev ] [ Melville ] [ Poe ] ...
  6. DETAILS --- studies on Japanese translations of each work.
    [ Sans dessus dessous ] [ Autour de la lune ]
  7. SJEV --- société japonaise des études verniennes. NEW!!
  8. BBS --- our bulletin board system, please come in!
  9. LINKS --- links to world-wide websites.
    [ To know Jules Verne ] [ To find books ] [ To find JV fans ]
  10. ENQUETE --- a questionnaire on this website.
  11. WEBSEARCH --- to search within this website.
  12. SITEMAP --- the sitemap of this website.
  13. ABOUTME --- brief information on the webmaster.

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