The "Zerohan" Car is the Homebuild Micro Racing Car in Japan.

"Zerohan" means 50cc engine.
The "Zerohan" Car use 50cc motorcycle engine,homebuild frame,and parts taken and processed from used cars and motorcycles.It runs on dirt track.
All Japan "Zerohan" Car Race is held at Kozan Town in every summer.Each teams build creative machines.It's free racing car,and free race.
Engine is usually honda's CB50 in case of 4 cycle.

<@Team "makun"'s Car>

Left rear Right front center rear
Left side Engine (from rear view) accelerator,brake,and steering shaft start!

< The other cars>

with number plate(this car can run on road)
with oxygen cylinder use scooter's engine with super charger buggy like view
rear rear rear front

By Masato Yoshimi

Official Website is this.

Japanese Website is this. More Photograph and More Infomation!