August 20 2003 on sale

"From the very beginning of this recording by young Japanese Pianist, Ayako Shirasaki, the music grabs you."-- Kenny Barron

"With a crisp, tight and inventive CD and strong live shows, fans can only hope Shirasaki will move back full-time."-- Japan Times (Michael Pronko)

"Shirasaki is a virtuoso whose technique ranges from a tender touch like the late Tommy Flanagan, and brisk runs like Bud Powell, but with a brilliant creativity all her own."-- Harlem World Magazine (Greg Thomas)

What's New Records (WNCJ-2124) / 2800yen (tax included)

Ayako Shirasaki (piano) / Marco Panascia (bass) / Lewis Nash (drums)

You can click to download samples.

1. Airegin (S.Rollins)
2. Be Boppers (A.Shirasaki)
3. Lennie's Pennies (L.Tristano)
4. Embraceable You (G.Gershwin)
5. Not Yet (A.Shirasaki)
6. Far Away (A.Shirasaki)
7. Existence (A.Shirasaki)
8. Estate (B.Martino)
9. Perfect Sunday (A.Shirasaki)
10. Falling Leaves (A.Shirasaki)

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