Kenny's 1963


John Dankworth "And The London Philharmonic Orchestra" (SOCIETY SOC 963)
(C) 1963

Improvisations // Matyas Seiber-Johnny Dankworth <S?@01'58"> 20"
Ebony Concerto // Igor Stravinsky <E>
Rendezvous // Leonard Salzedo-David Lindup <-?>

Johnny Dankworth (as), Peter King (as), Art Ellefson (ts), Danny Moss (ts), George Tyndale (bs), Ronnie Ross (bs), Gervaise de Peyer (cl), Dickie Hawdon (tp), Kenny Wheeler (tp), Derrick Abbot (tp), Gus Galbraith (tp), Jimmy Deuchar (tp), Denis Wilson (horn), Tony Russell (tb), Ian McDougall (tb), Eddie Harvey (tb), Ronnie Snyder (tuba), Ray Dempsey (g), Dudley Moore (p), Michael Jefferies (harp), Spike Heatley (b), Kenny Clare (dr)

Johnny Dankworth And His Orchestra "What The Dickens!" (Fontana SRF 67525/MGF 27525)
1963-07-29 -10-04

The Prologue / 2'26" / Johnny Dankworth
Weller Never Did / 1'58" / Johnny Dankworth
Little Nell / 2'51" / Johnny Dankworth
The Infant Phenomenon / 2'12" / Johnny Dankworth
Demdest Little Fascinator / 3'09" / Johnny Dankworth <S> 30"
Dotheboys Hall / 4'24" / Johnny Dankworth
Ghosts / 2'23" / Johnny Dankworth <S> 45"
David And The Bloaters / 2'57" / Johnny Dankworth
Please Sir, I Want Some More / 2'01" / Johnny Dankworth
The Artful Dodger / 1'39" / Johnny Dankworth
Waiting For Something To Turn Up / 2'46" / Johnny Dankworth
Dodson And Fogg / 1'55" / Johnny Dankworth
The Pickwick Club / 3'15" / Johnny Dankworth
Serjeant Buzfuz / 2'15" / Johnny Dankworth 004 25"
Finale / 2'29" / Johnny Dankworth

Ronnie Ross (bs), Tubby Hayes (ts), Ronnie Scott (ts), Peter King (ts), Bobby Wellins (ts), Dick Morrissey (ts), Tony Coe (ts, cl), Jimmy Deuchar (tp), Ronnie Stephenson (dr), Roy Webster (perc), David Snell (harp), Leon Calvert (tp, flh), Dick Hawdon (tp, tenor horn), Ken Wheeler (tp, tenor horn), Gus Galbraith (tp), Tony Russell (tb), Ed Harvey (tb), Ron Snyder (tuba), Johnny Dankworth (as, cl), Roy East (as, cl, fl), Art Ellefson (ts, bcl), Vic Ash (ts, cl), Alan Branscombe (p, vibe, xylophone), Ken Napper (b), Spike Heatley (b), Johnny Butts (dr)

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