Music and Musicians, February 1954

The London Mozart Players, conducted by Harry Blech at the Festival Hall on February 19 again proved the ideal instrument for the music of Mozart and Haydn.

    But there are times when Blech's obvious adoration of the work of these composers seems to lead him into an over-romanticised approach. This was most evident in the Haydn Symphony No. 44: the dignified sadness which pervades it (Haydn asked that the slow movement should be played at his funeral) was not always achived.

    Highlights of the concert were the beautiful playing of Dennis Brain as soloist in the Mozart Horn Concerto, K.495, and the delightful Paris Symphony, which closed the performance. In the Mozart Piano Concerto in C, K.503, there was not enough contrast between movements. This was not so much the fault of the conductor; Conrad Hansen's playing bordered on the semi-precious and, though always accurate, became at times almost mechanical.