Tour of the United States 1944-5
Organizing Director of Music : Wing Commander R.P.O'Donnell M.V.O.
Assistant Conductor : Pilot Officer John E.Hollingsworth

Deputy Conductor : Warrant officer F.J. Cooper
Drum Major : Flight Sergeant H.S. Sotheran
Flutes & Piccolo. Tenor Saxophones Bb. 2nd. Cornets.
L.A.C.s. Kerr, J. H. L.A.C.s. Watson, J. G. L.A.C.s. Grisdale, F.
  Morris, G. C. W.*   Barker, J. L.   Grisdale, J.
  Walker, T. E. G.* Alto Saxphones Eb.   Melbourne, E. G. B.
Oboes. L.A.C.s. Markey, H.   Middleton, N. H.
L.A.C.s. Nicoll, A. G.   Aspland, L.    
  Brain, L.* Bassoons. Trombones.
  FitzHenry, H.* L.A.C.s. James, C. E.* Sergt. Browne, L. L.
Eb Clarinets.   Cowles, E. N.* L.A.C. Brown, S. K.*
L.A.C.s. Markey, J.       Day, W. H.
  Bolton, J. E. Horns.   Thorpe, J. A.*
Solo Clarinets Bb. L.A.C.s. Brain, D.* L.A.C.s. Mills, F. E. R.
Cpl. Duncombe, J. W. Cpl. Robinson, A. N.   Cutting, L.W.*
L.A.C. Jacob, A. L.*   Del Mar, NR.*    
  Silk, L. G.   Payne, W. J. S.* Percussion.
  Walthew, R. S.   Hill, R. J. Sergt. Cotton, C.*
  Ponsford, R. A. A.S.I. Isaacs, L.* Cpl. Grimwood, J. E.
2nd. Bb Clarinets. Trumpets. L.A.C.s. Smail, H. S.*
L.A.C.s. Sullivan, R.* L.A.C.s. Jackson, H.   Beane, G. W. P.*
  Bennett, R. D. W.   Ffrench, C.    
  Cooter, A. J. E.   Dyson, R.* Euphoniums.
  Bloomfield, J.   Cox, H. E.* Sergt. Wilson, J. L.*
3rd. Bb Clarinets. 1st. Cornets. L.A.C. Roderick, J.
Sergt. Brown, E. J. F/Sergt. Tamplin, E. J. A.C.2. Doyle, A.
L.A.C.s. Chesney, D. A. L.A.C.s. Wilkins, A. W.    
  Payne, V. A. G.   Carter, A. T.    
  Pook, W. J.   Hopper, J. A. Basses.
Ripiano Bb Clarinet.   Crossley, G. E. Sergt. Sullivan, J.*
L.A.C.s. McLean, P.   Thompson, A. F. C. L.A.C.s. Acott, W. A.
  Baker, J.   Cooper, C. A.   Johnston, E.
* Denotes that instrumentalist plays in the Symphony Orchestra
First Violins. Second Violins. Double Basses.
Sergts. Martin, D. L.A.C.s. Wright, J. L.A.C.s. Merrett, J. E.
  Griller, S.   Emms, G. H.   MacPherson, J. H.
L.A.C.s. Grinke, F. O.   Isenfeld, G.   Nicholson, R. W.
  Blech, H.   Chitty, G.   Kidd, G. H.
  Salpeter, M.   Ralph, R. B.    
  Hirsch, L.   Page, J. Organist.
  Loban, M.   Richards, W. R. L.A.C. Dowle, J.
  Carter, T. A.C.1. Stewart, F.    
  Stapleton, C. A.C.2. Morgan, C. Solo Pianist.
  O'Brien, A.     L.A.C. Matthews, D.
    'Cellos. Administration.
Violas.   L.A.C.s. Philips, J. H. L.A.C. Kirkham, L. W. F.
L.A.C.s. Gilbert, M.   Whitehead, J.    
  Cummings, K.   Holmes, J.    
  Burton, P. G.   Hampton-Smith, J.    
  Bakkers, C.   D'Albert, J.    
  Holmes, T. P.   Tarrant-Willis, T. J.    

     Good Will between the United States and Great Britain is being spread across both countries by the exchange visits of the Royal Air Force Band and the American Air Forces Band to large Air Force installations and military hospitals in each country.

     The bands-across-the-sea-tours were arranged by General H. H. Arnold, AAF, as a means of boosting morale and promoting mutual interest between the English Allies. Concerts will be given by the R. A. F.Band at cities visited along the way.

     Arriving at Bolling Field,Washington, D. C., on December 14th, all but five of the 100 musicians in the RAF Band had just set foot for the first time on the American continent. The other five are Canadians.

     The Royal Air Force Band,formed in 1920, has played for ceremonial occasions of the RAF for 25 years. With the advent of the Second World, Wing Commander R. P. O'Donnel, M. V. O.(Member, Victorian Order), began recruiting excellent civilian musicians and formed, in addition to the Military Band, a complete symphony orchestra which has played many concerts of distinction in England and has many times broadcast on the American Air Forces network in the European Theatre of Operations. Both units are included in the 100 men who are now on tour in the United States.

     Wing Commander R. P. O'Donnell, a Londoner whose name betrays his Irish origin,has visited neary every corner of the world except this continent, as his many service ribbons indicate. His military experiences includes duty with infantry, cavalry, artillery and Royal Marines and the Air Force. During the first World War he served in the 21st Lancers in India,'booted and spurred.' He is one of three brothers who have made that family's name famous in military music in all branches of the British Armed Forces.

     Leading soloists of the Military Band are Corporal Duncombe, clarinet; Sgt.J.Wilson, euphonium, and Sgt.L.Browne, trombone.

     In the symphony orchestra one of the solo violinists in Leading Aircraftsman(Lac.) Frederick Grinke, a Canadian well-known in England and on the Continent. The Hirsch and the Blech, two String Quartetts in England are represented in the orchestra. Lac. Dennis Brain, principal horn, is the son of a famous father and at 23 has made outstanding phonograph records, including one of Mozart's 4th Horn Concerto in E Flat. His brother, Lac. Leonard Brain, is principal oboe of the RAF Symphony Orchestra. Alfred Brain, principal horn of the Los Angeles Symphony, is their uncle.

     Lac.Cecil James, principal bassoon, held that post in the London Symphony Orchestra. Principal Trumpet, Lac. Roland Dyson, was in the London Philharmonic Orchestra and toured Germany just before the war with it, under Sir Thomas Beecham.

     Pilot Officer John Hollingsworth, assistant conductor, is the youngest conductor who ever directed the London Symphony, Philharmonic and National Symphony Orchestra.