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   Gramercy Pictures Elizabeth-1      Elizabeth-2     Elizabeth-3

  Shine-1    Shine-2   Shine-3

  2002 Fox Searchlight Quills-1   Quills-2     Quills-3

     Quills-4  Quills-5


  1998 Columbia Pictures, Inc.   Les Miserables-1   Les Miserables_2

     Les Miserables_3

  Frida-1*5   Frida-2*5   Lantana*4

  The Tailor of Panama*1   Shakespeare in Love*2

  House on Haunted Hill-1*3     House on Haunted Hill-2*3

  (C) 2003 Disney Enterprises,Inc. and JERRY BRUCKHEIMER, INC.
  Pirates of the Caribbean-1

  Pirates of the Caribbean-2

  Pirates of the Caribbean-3

  Pirates of the Caribbean-4     Pirates of the Caribbean-5



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