Ten years in the making, this full-length feature documentary is an experiential film for our times.
It is a story of Dreaming and interwoven Dreams......
taking us on a deep global journey into a forgotten magic that connects us all.

The wisdom of Indigenous Elders from around the world permeate the film, offering up the all too familiar warnings of
where humanity seems to be going...
but it also reflects back to us that we collectively can also come back from the edge of extinction...
it is not too late. People around the world are waking up.
For the first time on film Aboriginal Whale Calling ceremonies are being shared.

The Gathering is an invitation for us all to come back to the Fire... the Dreaming... and the Natural World.

BEST FILM AWARD - "The Gathering - Return of the Whale Dreamers"
Writer/Director/Producer Kim Kindersley accepted the inaugrial BEST FILM award at the 2006 Byron Bay Film Festival Awards Ceremony,
in a field of 90 films. Other International Film Festivals scheduled include
Maui, Dubai, Tahoe/Reno and more...(Byron Bay Film Festival - www.bbff.com.au)

...Different elders and guests share their insights, thoughts and feelings about the seven day Gathering. For the Mirning, it was especially powerful to witness the other Indigenous people share their own stories. One woman, Alberta Thompson, from the North West of the USA, told them that she was the only person in her tribe,
the Makah, resisting the reintroduction of the killing of the friendly grey whale.
Another, Siraku Tegria, explained through his friend and Translator Terry Frietas, that the remaining 3,000 people in his tribe
in the high cloud forests of Colombia had no choice but to commit collective suicide, if the Occidental Oil Company took one more step
into what remained of their traditional lands. Their heroic stand really showing the Mirning that they were not the only indigenous people
who have suffered at the hands of history...unfortunately, their story so common place around the world.

Written & Directed: Kim Kindersley
Produced: Kim Kindersley, Julian Lennon
Co-Produced: Steve Tribbeck, Elaine Seiler,Cindy Landon, James Moores,Jeff Pantukhoff
Associate Producers: Bunna Lawrie, David Warth
Executive Producers: David Jowsey, Wayne Young
Narrator: Jack Thompson
Guest Appearences: Jack Thompson, John Hurt, Julian Lennon, Pierce Brosnan, Geoffrey Rush

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