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 ■「All The World's a Stage写真」&「2008/02/18 に届いたジェフリー氏からのメッセージ訳文」←2008-02-20 new
 ■「かみながひめ Wrong Side of the Moon 写真」2007-08-18


    Letter from Mr.Geoffrey Rush !!!! --- 2007-08-18

    a ** Photos and Autograph from Geoffrey:EXIT THE KING-Sydney report by Toshiko(coco) 2007-07-06

    h Hamlet (Belvoir Theatre)

    a The Alchemist

    g Geisha


    *** Message board post from Mistress Barbossa ! *** 25.June.2007


Thank you so much for your wonderful gifts, Mr. Rush !!!

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