Cherry Red for Cafe Apres-midi
Total Time 77:25 (VICP-61760)
No.TITLE (writers-) artist
01.Each And Every One (Watt - Thorn) Everything But The Girl
02.On Box Hill (Watt) Ben Watt
03.A Place In The Sun (Thorn) Marine Girls
04.Femme Fatale (Reed) Tracey Thorn
05.North Marine Drive (Watt) Ben Watt
06.Goodbye Joe (Seshadri) Tracey Thorn
07.1000 Guitars Of St. Dominiques (Veis - Veis) Fantastic Something
08.You're A Queer One, Les Mun (Jones) The Hepburns
09.I'm Used Now (Galloway) Grab Grab The Haddock
10.Bittersweet (Thorn) Everything But The Girl
11.If She Doesn't Smile (Veis - Veis) Fantastic Something
12.I Saw The Light (Rundgren) Mood Six
13.Changing Stations (Becker - Bates) Eyeless In Gaza
14.Shouting In Cafes (Knight) In Embrace
15.New Risen (Becker - Bates) Eyeless In Gaza
16.Un homme et une femme (Fisher) Morgan Fisher
17.Walter And John (Watt) Ben Watt & Robert Wyatt
18.It's A Fine Day (Barton) Jane
19.Lazy Ways (Fox) Marine Girls
20.Love In Your Heart (Coyne) Kevin Coyne
21.I'll Scry Instead (Bid) The Monochrome Set
22.Portrait (Knight - Harper - Whittock - Cassie - Wales) Five Or Six
23.Compulsion (Crow) Joe Crow
24.A Preacher In New England (Lawrence - Deebank) Felt
25.You're Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go (Dylan) Ben Watt
26.Night And Day (Porter) Everything But The Girl
27.Lose That Long Face (Arlen - Gershwin) The Florentines