El for Cafe Apres-midi
Total Time 78:37 (VICP-61787)
No.TITLE (writers-) artist
01.Ulysses And The Siren (Philippe Auclair) Louis Philippe
02.Curtain (Susan Daniels) Marden Hill
03.Mad (Ted Templeman - Dick Scappettone) The King Of Luxembourg
04.The Camera Loves Me (Griffin) Would Be Goods
05.Love (Bid) Bid
06.You Mary You (Philippe Auclair) Louis Philippe
07.It's A Beautiful Game (Mcdonough - Jones - Keefe) The Cavaliers
08.Where Have All The Schoolboys Gone? (Simon Turner) Bad Dream Fancy Dress
09.Oh Constance (Marden Hill) Marden Hill
10.Green Park (Philippe Auclair) Anthony Adverse
11.Aperitivo (Philippe Auclair) Louis Philippe
12.Our Fairy Tale (Andy Bown - Peter Frampton) Anthony Adverse
13.Valleri (Boyce & Hart) The King Of Luxembourg
14.Noisy Fun And Famous (Malcolm Tester) Hunky Dory
15.Like Nobody Do (Philippe Auclair) Louis Philippe
16.Valazquez And I (Griffin) Would Be Goods
17.T-R-O-U-B-L-E (Vic Godard) Anthony Adverse
18.The Hanging Gardens Of Reigate (Griffin) Would Be Goods
19.What's All The Fuss About (Marden Hill - Kehoe) Marden Hill
20.Nicky (Jacques Brel - Jouannest) Momus
21.Andy Warhol (David Bowie) Simon Turner
22.If You're Missing Someone (Philippe Auclair) Louis Philippe
23.The Pop Up Man (Ambassador 277) Ambassador277
24.A Picture Of Dorian Gray (Dan Treacy) The King Of Luxembourg
25.The 13th Day Of Christmas (Philippe Auclair) Caprice
26.Little Pad (Brian Wilson) Louis Philippe
27.Lose That Long Face (Arlen - Gershwin) The Florentines