Composer of 'B'

Charles Bordes (1863-1909)

A French composer, musicologist, educator and chorus master. His real name is Charles Marie Anne Bordes. He was born at Rochecorbon on 12 May, 1863. He studied piano with A.F. Marmontel and composing with C. Franck. After obtaining an organist and chorus master status of a church in 1887, he started to collect popular songs in Basque region by the request of the French Ministry of Culture. He applied them to his compositional diction. He became an chorus master of St.Gaervet Church in 1890 and started to re-discover and perform the choral works composed in Renessance or Medieval era. In 1894, he cooperated the foundation of Schola-Cantorum with Vincent D'indy and Alexandre Guilmant. Moreover, he also founded the Monperier branch of the school in 1905. His compositional diction resembles Frankist idiom, such as Duparc. Therefore his songs indicate his ability as a melodist. He died at Toulon in 8 November 1909. His name is totally ignored in nowadays. Re-evaluation is seriously needed.

Main Works

Stage Works Three Waves les trois vagues (1898)
Orchestral Bearnic Dances danses béarnaises (1888)
Eskual Herria Eskual Herria (1891)
Concerto Basque suite suite basque, pour flute et orchestre (1887) <fl, orch>
Basque Rhapsody rhapsodie basque, pour piano et orchestre กส1888กห <p, orch>
Divertissement divertissement, pour trompette et orchestre (pub 1902) <tp, orch>
Chamber Basque Suite suite basque pour flûte et quatuor à cordes กส1887กห <p, 2vln, vla, vc>
Four Rhythmical Fantasies quatre fantaisies rythmiques (pub 1891) <p>
Caprices for Five Times caprices à cinq temps (pub 1891) <p>
Second Evening Gong secondes vêpres de plusieurs martyrs: hors du Temps Pascal (1898) <org>
Tragic Scenery paysages tristes (1886) <incomplete>
Wedding Song épithalame (1888) <tnr, p>
A Sound of the Horn le son du cor s'affige (1888-1896)
By an Ancient Air sur un vieil air (1895) <tnr, p>
Oh, Tragic, Tragic Feeling of my Soul o triste, triste était mon âme (1903) <sop, p>
Eleven Songs of Langue d'oc Region onze chansons du Languedoc (1906)
Melancholy spleen (-) <tnr, p>
Our Bodies are deadly beaten by Tragic Feelings o mes morts tristement nombreux (-) <tnr, p>
Scenery in Green paysage vert (-) <tnr, p>
Dance in form of Gigue dansons la gigue (-) <vo, orch>
A Moderning Sun le soleil du matin (-)
Ordinal Scenery paysage majeur (-)
My Gone Lover amour evanoui (-)
Choral Madrigal of the Music madrigal à la musique (pub 1895)

Bordes Disc Review

Verlaine et ses Musiciens :
Debussy / Honegger / Tournemire / Fauré / Bordes (INA : 262024)

Teresa Stich-Randall, Suzanne Danco (sop) Bernard Kruysen (btn) Irma Kolassi (msp) Bernard Plantey, Jean-Paul Fouchéchourt (tnr) Hans Rosbaud, Françis Poulenc, Jean-Charles Richard, André Collard, Henriette Puig-Roget, Guido Agosti, Roger Boutry, Haridas Greif (p)
This CD collects the songs which used the poetries written by one of the most famous impressionistic (symbolistic) poet, Paul Verlaine. The inner-booklet has his portrait, indicating his real feature seems much bolder than his poems. This disc has one more feature. This is the only one disc sheds the light on Charles Bordes's works more than one piece. They are performed by Jean-Paul Fouchécourt and Haridas Greif. The tenor has also recorded Lili Boulanger's masterpiece 'Open Spae in the sky' and that is beautifully sung. Also, the pianist recorded Florent Schmitt's chamber works and that is nicely performed too. They altogether give us the chance to re-discover the hidden treasures as many as 7 pieces!! The melodies sound Duparc-like pure Romantic and beautifulness which deserve far wider recognition. His masterpieces should be re-discovered more for sure.

(Japanese edition: 2001. 8. 23 / English Translation: 2003. 4. 21)