Composer of 'C'

Jacques Castérède (1926- )

A French composer and educator. He was born in Paris on 10th of April, 1926. After studying at Lycée Buffon, he entered Paris National Conservatory of Music in Paris in 1944 and studying piano under Armand Ferté, composition under Tony Aubin, analysis under Olivier Messiaen. While he was in the conservatory between 1948 and 1953, he obtained the 5 first prizes (in piano, chamber music, analysis, composition, and harmony classes). He also won the Roman Prize in 1953 with his cantata 'La boite de Pandore (Pandora's box)'. From the following year, he went and in Rome until 1958. In 1960, he was appointed as a professor of Solfege in Paris National Conservatory, then counseller of piano study (Conseilleur aux Etudes) in 1966, analysis in 1971 respectively. In addition, he taught composition at Ecole Normale from 1983 to 1988, analysis from 1988 to 1998. With the request from Chinese government, he became a professor in composition at the Central Academy in Beijing. He keeps the position with the request-renewal. He has received numerous awards as a composer such that he has obtained Paris Civil Award in 1991, Charles Cros Award and Record Academy Award in 1995 (©K.S., 2005).

Main Works

Stage Chamber Opera 'The Parace of Miracle' la cour des miracles (1954) {sop, msp, alto, btn, orch}
Oratorio 'The book of Job' le livre de Job (1958) {recit, tnr, btn, bss, choir, orch}
Ballet 'basket ball' (1959) {hrp, p, perc, orch}
Ballet 'goal' but (1959)
Orchestral String Symphony No.1 1ère symphonie pour cordes (1952) {strings}
la folle nuit de n' importe ou (1955) {orch, clvcn, hrp, perc}
A Great Fear la grande peur (1955) {martenot, 2p, child-choir, sop, fl, orch}
Five Symphonic Dances cinq danses symphoniques (1956) {orch, p, hrp}
Music for a Novel of Poe musique pour un conte d' Edgar Poe (1957) {hrp, clsta, xylo, vib, p, recit, orch}
Three Movement Suite in the Memory of Honegger suite en trois mouvements a la memoire d' Honegger (1957)
Rubens's Picture of Jesus's Descent from the Cross la déscente de croix de Rubens (1958)
Symphonic Suite 'Ariane's Yarn' le fil d' Ariane (1959)
Symphony No.2 symphonie No.2 (1960)
Prelude and Fugue prélude et fugue (1960) {strings}
pamplemousse (1962)
Sophie-Dorothée (1962)
Promenade of Spring promenade printaniere (1963)
Summer Divertissement divertissement d'été (1965) {p, hrp, brass, choir, perc?}
Concerto Piano Concerto No.1 concerto No. 1 pour piano et orchestre à cordes (1954) {p, strings}
concertino (1958) {tp, tb, p, perc, strings}
Piano Concerto No.2 concerto No.2 pour piano et orchestre (1970) {p, orch}
Guitar Concerto concerto pour guitare et orchestre (1973) {g, orch}
Three Fall Scenes trois paysages d'automne (1982) {vc, strings}
Chamber intermezzo (1953) {ob, p}
pastorale (1953) {as, p}
scherzo (1953) {as, p}
Quintet quintette (1953) {fl, ob, cl, hrn, bssn}
Sonatine for Trumpet and Piano sonatine pour trompette et piano (1953) {tp, p}
Mythologic Suite suite mythologique (1954) {3martenot, p}
Violin Sonata sonate pour violon et piano (1955) {vln, p}
Sonata in the Form of Suite sonate en forme de suite (1955) {fl, p}
Clarinet Sonata sonate pour clarinette et piano (1956) {cl, p}
Oboe Sonata sonate pour haubois et piano (1957) {ob, p}
Sonatine for Trombone and Piano sonatine pour trombone et piano (1957) {tb, p}
Prelude and Dance prélude et danse (1959) {3tb, tba, p, perc}
Fantasy Concertant fantaisie concertante (1960) {b-tb (tba), p}
Music musique (1960) {fl, vln, vla, vc, hrp}
capriccio (1961) {vln, p} ...
examination piece of Paris Conservatory
The Impostor fileuse (1961) {bssn, p}
Twelve Studies douze études (1961) {fl}
Holiday of Flutists flûtes en vacances (1962) {3fl (4fl)} ...
One piccolo flute should be added when this is performed by four flutes
ondes (1962) {martenot, p, perc}
Sonatine for Tuba and Piano sonatine pour tuba et piano (1963) {tba, p}
interferences (1963) {p, perc}
Hell ténèbres (1963) {recit, p, 3perc}
Viola Sonata sonate pour alto et piano (1968) {vla, p}
arithmophonie (1974) {4perc}
Before the Dawn avant que l'aube ne vienne (1975) {2vln, vla, vc, p}
Sonatine of April sonatine d'avril (1985) {fl, g}
Three Visions of Apocalypse trois visions de l'Apocalypse (1986) {7 brass, org}
Three Musical Moment after Corot trois moments musicaux d'après Corot (1987) {fl, cl, vln, vc, p}
In Passinate Temperance pro tempore passionis (1988) {2vln, vla, vc}
String Quartet quartettsatz (1989) {2vln, vla, vc}
Sonatine of May sonatine de mai (2001) {fl, hrp}
Homage for Pink Floyd hommage aux Pink Floyd (-) {g}...Pink Floyd is the name of a progressive rock group
Piano passacaille et fugue (1953)
Dance Suite suite à danser (1953) {2p (diverse inst)}
Four Studies quatre études (1957)
variations (1960) ...
Examination piece for Paris Conservatory
diagrammes (1961)
Crosses on Fire feux croises (1963) {2p}
Piano Sonata sonata pour piano (1967)
Homage for T.Monk hommage à Thelonious Monk (1983)
The Course of Sun la course du soleil (1992)
For a Tomb of Chopin pour un tombeau de Frédéric Chopin (1992)
Songs 3 Melodies for the Poems of Paul Fort trois mélodies sur des poèmes de Paul Fort (1951)
3 Fanfares for Napoleon's Proclamation trois fanfares (1952) {recit, chamber (11brass), timp, perc}
Song of Love-Pain la chanson du mal-aime (1960) {recit, btn, 4f-vo, chamber}... 
Poem: G. Apollinaire
Chamber Cantata 'The Otherside of the World' cantate instrumentale 'l' autre bout du monde' (1960)
Four Poems of Robert Desnos quatre poèmes de Robert Desnos (1965) {btn, p}
Litanies for the Living and Dead liturgies de la vie et de la mort (1980) {3vo, choir, strings, perc}
Jusqu'à mon dernier souffle (1986) {narr, choir, brass, perc}...
Poem: V. Hugo, P. Eluard
Psalm No.8 psaume VIII (1987) {sop, vc, org}
Hymn Song for the Creation cantique de la création (1994) {2vo, brass, strings, org, perc}
dans les abîmes de l'absence (1996) {btn, p}...
Poem: A. Suied
Our Father, I Will Entrust You mon père je m'abandonné à toi (1997) {4vo}...Poem: C. de Foucauld

Castérède Disc Review

"Valse Romantique / Bruyères..(Debussy) Suite en Duo (Cras) Les Cygnes / Les Ecureuils (Busser) Duo Concertant (Lancen) Pièce en Forme de Habanera / Pavane (Ravel) Sonatine de Mai (Casterede)" (Quantum : QM 7012)
Duo Thaïs : Florence Bellon (fl) Caroline Rempp (hrp)
Duo-Thaïs consists of two musicians who have won the first prizes at Paris conservatory around the first few years of 1980's. Both of them indicate nice technical skills of good stock such that the flutist is a pupil of Alain Marion whereas the harpist is a pupil of Jacqueline Borot (even though I also have to quote some incompatibility for their interpretation). The naming of the team indicating famous Massenet's composition, their will to re-discover the hidden treasures of modern french classical music is appearent. This CD clearly shows a good example. Except two tunes from famous Debussy and Ravel's works lists (probably they were selected aiming at larger numbers of consumers), the CD consists of the works of rare composers such as Cras, Busser, Casterede and Lancen. Notably, Casterede's Sonatine de Mai, clearly one of the rarest pieces. Actually this is the tune written for them. He is one of the composers of second generation from Ropartz, Le Flem, and Vuillemin, such as Damase, Berthomieu and Bozza (=modest modernists). In fact, the diction of this composition demonstrates modest post-romantisism, romantic theme colored in impressionistic harmonization. Even though the composition is not 'progressive', these 2-3 minutes pieces clearly indicate his great ability of composition (It is said that his compositions have a considerably wide variety. Please do not assume that all of his works can be categorized post-romantisism, such as you can see in this review).

(English Translation 2005. 11. 29)