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An trivial issue trial of us!!
All that Jazz (Japanese only currently)
Jazz Now and Then ( explores hidden treasures of jazz : currently Japanese only )
English Page!! Everything has begun by Them !!
Debussy et Ravel ( introduces two great frontiers of contemporary music )
English Page !! Rare but Well Done composers !!
Unknown Composers ( rediscovering the unknown modern composers )
Enjoy to communicate over the language barrier !! Pullen's BBS ( Feel free to write in English. Webmaster will translate it to Japanese !!)
2003. 1. 24 'Fifth' story
Sheherazade over CDs ( Webmaster's insights over weird discs & conventions Japanese only )
Even though it's Famous, is strictly reviewed here!!
The Underground Review ( This museum's web journal of monthly CD Review : Japanese only )
Elaborative sites are selected !! Partly in Japanese.
Links ( Links )
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