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We are a Japanese pops group,
featuring a female vocalist and a trombonist.
This webpage includes the introduction of our self-produced CD-R,
and reports of on air at some radio programs.
We also provide some demo-sounds of our songs.
Have a fun !!

Japanese page is here !!

The total access number of this website is ...


Precious has produced an album which includes five songs.
It is only 500 Japanese yen !!
If you are interested in the album, please let us know !!

Precious Jacket 1 Precious Jacket 2

The following samples are all our songs, those will be included
to the US version of our album. They are not full-chorus,
but we believe you enjoy it, and are interested in our album :-)

Precious Combination MP3 (231KB, 59sec.) Real Audio G2 (223KB, 85sec.) WAV (170KB, 21sec.)
Cocoro No MaMa MP3 (227KB, 58sec.) Real Audio G2 (223KB, 85sec.) WAV (198KB, 25sec.)
Moonlight MP3 (235KB, 60sec.) Real Audio G2 (255KB, 98sec.) WAV (174KB, 22sec.)
River MP3 (200KB, 52sec.) Real Audio G2 (249KB, 96sec.) WAV (186KB, 23sec.)
Looking for Our Dream MP3 (235KB, 60sec.) Real Audio G2 (223KB, 85sec.) WAV (204KB, 26sec.)
BINGO! MP3 (176KB, 60sec.) Real Audio G2 (249KB, 96sec.)
Revive MP3 (176KB, 60sec.) Real Audio G2 (212KB, 81sec.)

The new song of Precious "BINGO!"
has been currently used as
an opening theme song of the radio program,
"Asa-ichiban ! Toretate BINGO ! "

so the song is on are every morning with the time signal at 7:00 AM !!
Here you can listen to the opening of the radio program !!
Check it out !!

03/09/2000 at FM Fukuyama (303KB)

03/10/2000 at FM Fukuyama (336KB)

03/13/2000 at FM Fukuyama (336KB)

Now we are providing the song as a single cassette,
with our another new song "Revive". Check it out !!

BINGO! Jacket

We are also joined some radio programs as guests,
and talked about our music and life.
You can enjoy some of them as Real Audio G2 files,
if you do not mind we are talking in Japanese ... :-)

09/21/1999 at FM Kawasaki (916KB)

06/23/1999 at FM Fukuyama (354KB)

Precious Combination ,
the typical song of the Precious , has been elected at the

1st place !!!

at an indies music website "Indies Hit Channel" !!! (as of 10/25, 11/15)

We appreciate you so much, since the 1st place was brought
by your vote and encouragements.
We hold them to our hearts, and certainly produce
new impressive songs. Please keep in touch with us !!

Precious is always looking forward to your voice !!
Please feel free to write us your impressions and quastions
on the following enquete and board!!

Precious Enquete Precious BBS

Please write to Precious (pre-cious@geocities.co.jp)
if you have ane quastions or impressions !

Our URL has been changed due to the provider's reasons.

old: http://www.geocities.co.jp/ Broadway -Guitar/4079/

new: http://www.geocities.co.jp/ MusicStar -Guitar/4079/

Sorry fot your inconvenience, but we are glad if you update your link
or bookmark to Precious . Thanks.

We love you!!
Thank you!!

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