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This page is dedicated to my favorite singer/song-writer Daryl Hall.


Tell Me What You Want
  The transcription of the interviews on Japanese radio shows.
  (Transcribed by Yusa.)


The result of a Daryl Hall/ Hall & Oates survey

 Welcome to the English version!

 I started this website in April 1999 as the very first (unofficial) site on
Daryl in Japan.  Originally, it was all in Japanese. 

Since I wished to share my site with fans all over the world, I decided to
open this new English version.
 The English version is a translation of some of the contents of the present
Japanese pages. I will update it and expand it gradually. 

 I hope you will enjoy this page!

Maki (webmaster). 
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This page is just a fan page and simply a place for me and other Daryl fans
to express how much we enjoy his music and his talent.

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