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HAMA-STA Twilight Time

Words, Music, Arrangement and Song by Honeywar(April 18, 2004)

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HAMA-STA stands for YokoHAMA STAdium, a ball park in Japan.

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© Honeywar. All rights reserved.

In the evening, we should hasten from the station
Red brick warehouse at sunset, hearing some whistle from the port
Oh can't you hear the crowd give cheering shouts from the stands, our destination
Here we are at a ball game, the king of sport

You should care, the stairs are steep at YOKOHAMA STADIUM
You wil miss your steps cause every minute it gets dark
You don't have to be in such hurry, the ball game has just begun
The dreams will not disappear in the ballpark

The crowd wave their megaphones enthusiastically
You whisper in my ear, technical comments on the play
You should care, do not gaze into my face so passionately
You will miss another home run like the other day

The moon shine, and Y-figured lights of YOKOHAMA STADIUM
These are famous 'twilight' of this thriving port
We get into the ecstasy of the pro pitch's momentum
The dreams will not disappear, our great comfort

If we get caught between the moon shine and YOKOHAMA STADIUM
The best that we can do is falling love with ball games
On a sea breeze from the harbor, the smells of briny air come
The dreams will not disappear in ball games

The moon shine, and Y-figured lights of YOKOHAMA STADIUM
Like our dreams, never disappearing twilight time

© Honeywar. All rights reserved.




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