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=Modern Era=

Broadway Emperor 1930 Emperor Regent ES-295 Howard Roberts Joe Pass Emperor ll NVJ Zephyr Blues Deluxe Zephyr Regent Others      
[Thinline Archtop]
Casino Sheraton Riviera The Dot AlleyKat FlameKat WildKat SuperNova Lucille Others      
[Les Paul]
Les Paul-100 Studio Standard 56 Goldtop Custom ES Classic Goth Studio Heritage Others      
[Solid Body]
Del Ray EM-1/2 "Epi"series Explorer Fat-210 Firebird Flying V G series (go to "SG" poll) Nighthawk SP3/ST3 Others      
[E Series-Solid Body]
Basher LP-Xtreme Poly X Beast Slasher Poly Mod Poly V Demon Evolution Others      
AJ series PR series SJ series EJ series EL-00 Texan Hummingbird Dove Classical Others      
Jeff "Skunk" Baxter John Lennon EJ-160E AJ series Chet Atkins SST/Studio
Chet Atkins CEC/CE PR-7E PR-5E PR-350CE SJ-18SCE Others      
Accu-Bass/Jr. Acoustic EB-0/EB-3 Explorer Flying V Jack Casady Signature Les Paul Thunderbird Viola Others      

=Early Import Era=

Country Gentleman ll 5102T(TE)/EA-250 1802T/ET-270 Genesis Howard Roberts Fusion ll/lll "i"series Scroll Spotlight X-1000 Others      

=Vintage New York & Kalamazoo made Era= by QuestionMark

New York & Kalamazoo Periods/Group I
Bard 12 String Blackstone Broadway Byron Caiola Casino Century Coronet Crestwood Others      
New York & Kalamazoo Periods/Group II
Deluxe Eldorado Emperor Entrada Espana FT110 & Frontier FT30 & Caballero FT45 & Cortez FT79 & Texan Granada      
New York & Kalamazoo Periods/Group III
Howard Roberts Madrid Olympic (Archtop) Olympic (Solid) Professional Riviera Serenader Seville Sheraton Sorrento      
New York & Kalamazoo Periods/Group IV
Spartan Super Deluxe Triumph Troubador Wilshire Windsor Zenith Zephyr Zephyr Emperor      

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