Japanese cover band of Uriah Heep

Steerforth was made a start by Toru Tada in 1995. We are playing Uriah Heep songs in Tokyo/Japan to let the people know how Uriah Heep is cool!

Yes, we love Uriah Heep!

Toru Tada (keyboards) - says Steerforth is his lifework!
Sho Sasaki (guitars) - his head-shaking play is really emotional!
Howard (bass) - so quiet, but loves a heavy metal music!
Unchat (drums) - cool, smart with a power!
Kay (vocals) - heavy metal rules!

I love 'July Morning', I joined this band to sing 'July Morning', it is true!
The most impressive thing was;- One day, after the gig, I was asked to recomend
a CD of Uriah Heep by a guy who did not know Uriah Heep. It happened two times,
I felt very happy and thought I would like to keep singing this song on the stage.
Toru and I participated HEEPVENTION 2000 and saw a 'Real' July Morning by
Ken Hensley, John Lawton and Paul Newton. I was shocked and thought I never
play like them. Only I can do is ...sing in my way.     - Kay

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Toru Tada participated HEEPVENTION 2000 in London!

showing Ken Hensley & John Lawton's signs on his T-shirt.

Toru decided to change the name of the band from 'Lady in Red' to 'Steerforth', since he was inspired with the Ken Hensley & John Lawton Band at HEEPVENTION 2000.
This change means Toru's band will be not a jam session band but will be active permanently as far as he is alive.

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Toru & Kay Tada - Email: cdc73560@hkg.odn.ne.jp
Tokyo, Japan

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