Andy DesmondAndy Desmond
CatalogueAriola Records 26120 XOT (Holland)
Printed1978,Ariola Records Ltd.
Release Date1978
Recording Date
Recording LocationScorpio Sound (London)
ProducerBones Howe
for A B.H.Production
Exective Producer
Recording EngineerDennis Weinreich
Steve Parker(asst.)
Mixing Date
Mixing Location
Mixing Engineer
Mastering Location
Mastering Engineer
Digital Editing
Aditional Engineering
Assistant Engineers
ManagementFraser Kennedy
Skyline Management
(184-186 Regent Street,London W.1)
Coordinating Producer
Cover Art CreditsJohn Dyer(Art Direction)
Martyn Goddard(Photo)
TunesWriterTime LengthCopyright
1. Another Town Another Saturday NightAndy DesmondHeath/Levy Music Ltd.
2. On And On, Round And RoundAndy DesmondHeath/Levy Music Ltd.
3. Goin' DownAndy DesmondHeath/Levy Music Ltd.
4. (Just Another) Song In MoonlightAndy DesmondHeath/Levy Music Ltd.
5. Each And Every DayAndy DesmondHeath/Levy Music Ltd.
6.a) CanadaAndy DesmondHeath/Levy Music Ltd.
6.b) Captain Of The CrewAndy DesmondHeath/Levy Music Ltd.
7. Schooldays Are OverAndy DesmondHeath/Levy Music Ltd.
The Musicians
Andy DesmondVocals,12 String Acoustic Guitar
Ron LawrenceBass GuitarCBS
Nick TrevisickDrums
Tom KingGuitar,Vocals
Mick WeaverAcoustic Piano,Electric Piano,Hammond Organ
1. Another Town,Another Saturday Night (Desmond)
Nick Payn: Harmonica
Keith Nelson: Banjo
Tom King: Guitar Solo,Harmonies
Andy Desmond: Harmonies
Debidoss: Harmonies
2. On And On, Round And Round (Desmond)
Paul Cartwright: Percussion
Nicky Payn: Baritone Sax
Tom King: Harmonies
Andy Desmond: Harmonies
3. Goin' Down (Desmond)
Nick Payn: Sax Solo
Tom King: Harmonies
Noel McCalla: Harmonies
Iain Whitmore: Hrmonies
Lucy: Harmonies
Ginny Klee: Harmonies
4. (Just Another)Song In The Moonlight (Desmond)
Nicky Payn: Sax
Graham Collyer: Acoustic Rhythm Guitar
The Static Ghosts: Harmonies
5. Each And Every Day (Desmond)
Jack Emblow: Accordion
Ian Lynn: Synthesizers,Harmonies
Paul Cartwright: Tambourine
Loz Netto: Guitars
Barry St.John: Harmonies
6.a) Canada (to Howard & Brenda) (Desmond)
Paul Cartwright: Percussion
Graham Smith: Violin
Loz Netto: Guitar Solo
Ian Lynn: Synthesizers
Andy Desmond: Harmonies
Tom King: Harmonies
Debidoss: Harmonies
Shielie Roden: Harmonies
6.b) Captain Of The Crew (Desmond)
(A live performance recorded in the studio)
Dave Markee: Upright Bass
Terry Johns: French Horn Solo
7. Schooldays Are Over (Desmond)
Loz Netto: Guitars
Paul Cartwright: Tambourine
Dyan Birch: Background Vocals
Frank Collins: Background Vocals
Bonnie Wilkinson: Background Vocals
Nicky Payn,Loz Netto,Graham Collyer& Noel McCalla courtesy CBS
Graham Smith courtesy of Charisma Records
the(legendary)American Housewives
(Tom King,Ron Lawrence& Nick Trevisick)
for the unselfish assistance & inspiration over the years
also to Robin Blanchflower & everyone at Ariola
Geoff Heath,Eddie Levy & Robin,Everbody at M.A.M.,
Di & Jane
Engineer extraodinaire Dennis Weinreich
not forgetting the man behind the wheel F.(Big-is-Best)K.
and teh man with his ear tothe engine,Bones Howe
This is dedicated to all of you who brushed me down and pushed me out on stage and to all of you who listened.
And Sam.

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