Sunny Side Of The StreetBryn Haworth
CatalogueIsland Records ILPS 9332(England)
Release Date1975
Recording Date
Recording LocationIsland Studios(Hammersmith)
Sound Techniques
ProducerBryn Haworth
Diga(Richard Digby Smith)
Recording EngineerRichard Digby (Diga) Smith
Dick Cuthell(Assistant)
3,8,10;Victor Gamm(Basic Engineer)
Tape Operator
Mixing Location
Mixing Engineer
Mastering Engineer
Cover Art CreditsPennie Smith(Photo)
Tony Wright(Illustrations)
TunesWriterTime LengthCopyright
1. Good JobBryn Haworth5:00Signal Grade Music Ltd
2. Pick Me UpBryn Haworth3:22Signal Grade Music Ltd
3. Darlin' CoryTrad.,arr. Bryn Haworth/Zacuto3:22Signal Grade Music Ltd
4. DanceBryn Haworth3:02Signal Grade Music Ltd
5. Peace Of MindBryn Haworth2:55Signal Grade Music Ltd
6. Give All You've Got To GiveBryn Haworth5:10Signal Grade Music Ltd
7. Heaven KnowsBryn Haworth5:28Signal Grade Music Ltd
8. The Sunny Side Of The StreetJ. McHugh/D. Fields2:30Lawrence Wright Music Co Ltd
9. UsedBryn Haworth5:17Signal Grade Music Ltd
10. Thank The LordBryn Haworth4:45Signal Grade Music Ltd
1. Good Job(Bryn Haworth)
Bruce Rowland; Drums
Alan Spenner; Bass
Chris Stainton; Piano,Organ
Madeline Bell; Chorus
Lee Vanderbilt; Chorus
Joanne Williams; Chorus
2. Pick Me Up(Bryn Haworth)
Bruce Rowland; Drums
Chris Stainton; Piano
3. Darlin' Cory(Trad.,arr.Haworth/Zacuto)
Dave Mattacks; Drums
Dave Pegg; Bass
Dave Swarbrick; Fiddle
Alan Munde; Banjo
4. Dance(Bryn Haworth)
Bruce Rowland; Talking Drum,Percussion,Drums,Marimbas
Dave Pegg; Bass,Lightly
5. Peace Of Mind
(Bryn Haworth)
Bruce Rowland; Drums
Dave Pegg; Bass
Pete Wingfield; Krazy Keyboard
6. Give All You Got To Give(Bryn Haworth)
Terry Stannard; Drums
Alan Spenner; Bass
Jimmy Mullen; Guitar
Tony O'Malley; Piano
Mel Collins; Horns
Frank Collins; Chorus
Dyan Birch; Chorus
Paddie McHugh; Chorus
7. Heaven Knows
(Bryn Haworth)
Bruce Rowland; Drums,Bells
Dave Pegg; Bass
Bryn Haworth; Tambourine,Mandolins,Leslie Slide Guitar,Acoustic Slide Guitar
8. Sunny Side Of The Street(J. McHugh/D. Fields)
Dave Mattacks; Drums
Pat Donaldson; "Big" Bass
Pete Wingfield; Krazy Keyboard
Gianin Loringett; Tap Dance
Diga; Hand Claps
Planet; Hand Claps
9. Used(Bryn Haworth)
Bruce Rowland; Drums,Maracas
Alan Spenner; Bass
Chris Stainton; Piano & Organ
10. Thank The Lord(Bryn Haworth)
Dave Mattacks; Drums
Pat Donaldson; Bass
Chris Stainton; Organ
Alan Spenner,Terry Stannard,Jimmy Mullen,
Tony O'Malley,Frank Collins,Dyan Birch
and Paddy McHugh appear by courtesy of C.B.S.Records
Lee Vanderbilt appears by courtesy of Bell Records
Alan Munde appears by courtesy of Transatlantic Records
Many Thanks

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