Brighter DayKeith Christmas
CatalogueMotown/Manticore Records MA6-50351(USA)
Release Date1975
Recording DateApril,August 1974
Recording LocationCommand Studios(London)
Producer1,3,7,8,9;Pete Sinfield
2,5,6;Pete Sinfield & Greg Lake
4;Greg Lake
Recording Engineer1,2,3,5,6,8,9;Mike Cooper
2,4,5,6;Alan Hendriksen
ManagementBKM (Personal Management) Ltd.
(27 Curzon Street,London W1)
Mixing LocationCommand Studios
Mixing EngineerPete Sinfield
Mike Cooper
Keith Christmas
Little Jack(Assistant)
Mastering Engineer
Cover Art CreditsMike Doud(AGI)(Design/AD)
Geof Halpin(Bloomsbury Group)(Design/AD)
Angela Williams(Photo)
Teresa Sohn(Cover Art)
TunesWriterTime LengthCopyright
1. Brighter DayKeith Christmas6:07Manticore Music Ltd.
2. FoothillsKeith Christmas3:52Manticore Music Ltd.
3. Country FarmKeith Christmas2:50Manticore Music Ltd.
4. the BargeesKeith Christmas6:58Manticore Music Ltd.
5. Lover's CabaretKeith Christmas4:22Manticore Music Ltd.
6. Robin HoodKeith Christmas4:44Uncle Doris Music Co.,Inc.(ASCAP)
7. My GirlWilliam "Smokey" Robinson/Ronald White3:16Jobete Music Company,Inc.(ASCAP)
8. Could Do BetterKeith Christmas4:38Manticore Music Ltd.
9. song Of A DrifterKeith Christmas2:59Manticore Music Ltd.
1. Brighter Day(Keith Christmas)
Alan Spenner; Bass
Ian Wallace; Drums,Tambourine
Neil Hubbard; Electric Guitar
Eddie Mordue; Baritone
Ray Warleigh; Alto
Mel Collins; Tenor,Alto & Baritone Solo,Horn Arrangement
Malcolm Griffiths; Trombone
Henry Lowther; Trumpet
Martin Drover; Trumpet
Keith Christmas; Leslie Electric Guitar,Casaba,Tambourine(Intro),Vocals
2. Foothills(Keith Christmas)
Darryl Runswick; Acoustic Bass
Ian Wallace; Drums
Ian McDonald; Electric Piano
Pete Solly; Moog
Keith Christmas; Acoustic Guitars,Congas,Tambourine,Flexitone,Vocals
3. Country Farm(Keith Christmas)
Alan Spenner; Bass
Ian Wallace; Drums
Neil Hubbard; Electric Guitar(rt.ch.)
Keith Christmas; Electric Guitar(l.ch.,centre),Vocals
4. The Bargees(Keith Christmas)
Tommy Reilly; Harmonica
Pete Solly; Moog Bass
Keith Christmas; Acoustic Guitar,Vocals
5. Lover's Cabaret(Keith Christmas)
Daryl Runswick; Acoustic Bass
Ian Wallace; Drums
Pete Solly; Electric Piano
Skaila Kanga; Harp
Mel Collins; Flute
Keith Christmas; Electric Guitar,Vocals
6. Robin Hood(Keith Christmas)
Pete Solly; Clavinet
Will Watson; French Horn
Keith Christmas; Acoustic Guitar,Vocals
7. My Girl(William "Smokey" Robinson/Ronald White)
Adrian Shaw; Bass
Keith Christmas; Guitar,Vocals
Richard Brunton; Guitars
Pearse Kelly; Drums
Dave Wilkinson; Piano
Godfrey Salmon; Strings Arrangements
Tony Harris; String Arrangements
8. Could Do Better(Keith Christmas)
Alan Spenner; Bass
Ian Wallace; Drums
Neil Hubbard; Electric Guitar
Ian McDonald; Electric Piano
Keith Christmas; Acoustic & Electric Guitars,Vocals
9. Song Of A Drifter(Keith Christmas)
Alan Spenner; Bass
Ian Wallace; Drums
Neil Hubbard; Electric Guitar
Keith Christmas; Acoustic Guitars,Vocals
Personal Credits
Pete for staring it, guiding it and completing it
Greg for the energy transfusion
to all those who have provided faith, food, love and shelter (Special Thanks)
and to the brave and dedicated young men and women of supplies division (without whom...)