Rise And ShineKokomo
Catalogue NumberCBS 69229 (UK)
CBS Records/Columbia PC 34031(USA)
Release Date1976
Recording Date1975
Recording LocationCriteria Recording Studios
Producer"Bad" Brad Shapiro
for Aaron Bradley Productions,Inc.
Recording EngineerKarl Richardson
Steve Kline
Mixing Location
Mixing EngineerBrad Shapiro
Karl Richardson
Mastering Location
Mastering Engineer
Cover Art CreditsAndy Engel(Design)
Roger Huyssen(Illustration)
John Carlin Massey(Photo)
TunesWriterTime LengthCopyright
1. Use Your ImaginationAlan Spenner4:07Anglo Rock,Inc.(BMI)
2. Little GirlFrank Collins3:46Anglo Rock,Inc.(BMI)
3. That's EnoughFrank Collins4:51Anglo Rock,Inc.(BMI)
4. Rise And ShineFrank Collins5:18Anglo Rock,Inc.(BMI)
5. Without MeTony O'Malley
Frank Collins
Dyan Birch
3:46Anglo Rock,Inc.(BMI)
6. Do It RightFrank Collins
Mel Collins
Dyan Birch
Tony O'Malley
Alan Spenner
Neil Hubbard
John Sussewell
2:59Anglo Rock,Inc.(BMI)
7. Angel LoveFrank Collins
Dyan Birch
Tony O'Malley
4:18Anglo Rock,Inc.(BMI)
8. Happy BirthdayNeil Hubbard3:20Anglo Rock,Inc.(BMI)
9. Feelin' GoodTony O'Malley4:52Anglo Rock,Inc.(BMI)
A side=1-4/ B side=5-9
Kokomo are
Tony O'MalleyVocals & Keyboard
Lead Vocal
Frank CollinsVocals
Lead Vocal
Dyan BirchVocals
Lead Vocal
Paddie McHughVocals
Lead Vocal
Neil HubbardGuitar
Alan SpennerVocals & Bass Guitar
Lead Vocal
John SussewellDrums
Mel CollinsSaxes & Flute
Grateful Thanks
Brad Shapiro
Karl T.Seve,etc
Steve O'Rourke
Allen Frey
Peter Barnes
John Hearty
Bob Shannon
for their help, encouragement and logical positivism.