My Favourite Album (May 2001)

Fluid Ounces : In The New Old-Fashioned Way

1. Lend Me Your Ears 2. Marvel Girl 3. Luxury 4. Vegetable Kingdom 5. Eleven : Eleven 6. Drought 7. Bigger Than The Both Of Us 8. Go Lucky 9. Run Rabbit Run 10. Comfortable 11. Ambiance 12. Have Fun 13. Downscope The Boat Captain 14. Sucker*
* --- bonus track for Japan only

-- My Review of "In The New Old-Fashioned Way" --

Do you yearn for music and melody? Do you feel the top 40 pop today is not that interesting; is kinda mediocre? If so, I'd like to introduce to you Fluid Ounces.

Fluid Ounces consists of Seth Timbs (piano & vocals), Brian Rogers (guitar & vocals), Ben Morton (bass) and Justin Meyer (drums). The sound they produce is dubbed "old-fashioned" vaudeville sounds. As their songs are indeed piano-driven, however, they are mainly known as "those guys that sound like Ben Folds Five." Like Ben Folds Five, in fact, they've got the talent for perfect hooks, a bit of camp, and an assured ability to rock out. Yup! Their piano-based music is indeed melodious, full of hooks, with profound lyrics.

Incidentally, this album "In The New Old-Fashioned Way" was released in Japan on May 30, 2001. But in the US, the album was released in 1999. Since they released their debut album "Big Notebook For Easy Piano" in June 1997, this album "In The New Old-Fashioned Way" is precisely their second album. Anyway, "In The New Old-Fashioned Way" shows the groups maturation into a true piano-pop foursome. As all the takes on the album are the actual live takes, the album is very upbeat and very energetic. Although their music sounds different from all the other music that is being put on the current music-market, you must get touched and moved by their amazing piano-pop tunes in the new old-fashioned way. In fact, it's rare these days to encounter a band and a songwriter like Seth Timbs who fully believe in devoting themselves to the art of constructing the perfect song, both lyrically and musically. So lend them your ears!!

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