Before he released his first album, Richard Marx sang on commercials and was a backing vocalist for Lionel Richie. It was here that Marx learned the commercial pop skills that made him an adult contemporary radio star in the late '80s.
Richard Marx shot to the top of the charts upon the release of his eponymous debut in 1987. His first hit was the California rocker "Don't Mean Nothing," but his real strength lay with ballads like "Hold On To The Nights," which became the number one single. Marx's second album "Repeat Offender" was released in 1989. It generated a string of two consecutive number one hits in the US -- "Satisfied" and "Right Here Waiting." With the release of "Rush Street" in 1991, Marx's commercial fortunes started to slip somewhat, as the mainstream shifted away from the slick, well-constructed songs that are his forte. Despite the Top 10 hit single "Now and Forever," 1994's "Paid Vacation" fell from off the charts quickly, and Richard Marx entered a period of seclusion, returning in the spring of 1997 with "Flesh & Bone," an album tailored toward the adult contemporary market. Later that year, Richard Marx has released a "Greatest Hits" album, his final release for Capitol Records. At the same time of that year, Richard Marx also scored a smash hit, "At The Beginning," a duet with Donna Lewis, which is the theme to the film "Anastasia".
In 1999, Richard Marx started his own record company "Signal 21 Records," and built a state-of-the-art recording studio, all the while writing and recording songs for his sixth studio album and donating his time and talents to a long list of worthy causes. Richard's work with other artists in 1999 included writing and producing songs, such as "One More Time" on the Message In A Bottle soundtrack for Laura Pausini, "The Last Words You Said" for opera singer Sarah Brightman, "If You Ever Leave Me" for Barbra Streisand and Vince Gill, "This I Promise You" for pop group *NSYNC, "Still Holding Out For You" for the new country group SHeDAISY, and "Easy to Believe" for Shane Minor.
Even in 2000, Marx co-wrote and produced songs such as "Angel On My Shoulder" for Natalie Cole and "To Where You Are" for new opera singer Josh Groban. His work with other artists in 2000 included writing and producing songs, such as "Brand New Year" for SHeDAISY's Christmas album and two songs, "Crazy Me" and "I Do It For Your Love", for Kenny Rogers' album "There You Go Again." On the other hand, Richard Marx wrote and recorded songs for his sixth studio album. Richard's new album, "Days in Avalon," was finally released in the US on October 24, 2000.
After that, Richard Marx wrote and produced songs with Michael Bolton for Bolton's new album "Only A Woman Like You." Even in 2001, Marx has written 4 songs with Kenny Loggins for Kenny's upcoming album. His work with other artists in 2001 and 2002 includes writing and producing songs for new pop and country artists such as Emerson Drive and Marie Sisters. While donating his time and talents to a long list of worthy causes, Richard Marx finally released his last studio album "Days in Avalon" in Japan on September 26, 2002. The album got a facelift for it's Japanese release.
At the 46th Annual Grammy Awards on February 8th, 2004, Richard Marx won a Grammy for Song of the Year for "Dance With My Father," which he wrote with Luther Vandross. Later that year, Richard Marx released his new album, titled "My Own Best Enemy." Produced by Richard Marx and David Cole, the album features 12 new songs. The album was released by EMI Manhattan Records, the label that released Marx's first 2 albums. Richard Marx wrote all music and lyrics except for one song that Fee Waybill contributed lyrics to. According to Richard Marx, this album is a return to guitar based rock the way Marx started years ago, not like his albums on which he has been influenced over the years by R&B and country music.
After that, Richard Marx released "Duo", on which he collaborated with Vertical Horizon's lead singer, Matt Scannell. On October 31, 2008, "Emotional Remains" and "Sundown" were simultaneously released on his website. After releasing various compilations and greatest hits albums, Richard Marx released his first ever Christmas album entitled "Christmas Spirit" in the US on October 22, 2012. On July 8, 2014, Richard Marx released his new album, titled "Beautiful Goodbye."
Anyway, I recommend his album "Greatest Hits" as a good introduction to Richard Marx. So let's check it out!