Here is my want list. I will buy these albums or trade is always welcome. If you have a stuff, please mail me !

捜し物のリストです.お持ちの方で手放しても良いという方はご連絡お願いします.Want list,Trading list共に総てではありませんので,下記のTrading listに挙げた作品がどうしてもほしいという方はご相談に応じますし,逆にWant listに挙げているものをご所有で,他に捜しているものがある方も遠慮なく(というか,是非)ご連絡ください.

ANVIL BITCH / Rise to Offend (CD)
DARKNESS / Defenders of justice (CD)
DEATHROW / anything
DETENTE / Recognize No Authority (CD)
HIRAX /  Raging Violence (CD)
HIRAX / Not Dead Yet (CD)
INDESTROY / Indestroy + Senseless Theories (CD)
RAZOR / without "Exhumed","V.Restitution"and "Decibels" (CD)
REALM / Endless War (CD)
REALM / Suiciety (CD)
SACRIFICE / Torment In Fire (CD)
SPAZZTIC BLURR / Before And After (CD)
VENDETTA / Go and live...stay and die (CD)
VENDETTA / Brain Damage (CD)
WATCHTOWER / Energetic Disassembly (CD)

Early Wild Rags Records stuff (CD or Vinyle, Cassete album) except IMPETIGO's CD, RECIPIENTS OF DEATH's Vinyle.

New Renaissance Records thrash/speed metal stuff (CD) except AMULANCE, AT WAR, BLOOD FEAST, DEADLY BLESSING, WERHMACHT.

...other minour 80's thrash metal CD, Vinyle, demo, Video, Bootleg CD/VIDEO, T-shirts etc.


TRADING LIST (The items I've got for trade.)
ATHEIST / Unquestionable Presence (FR 91)
---Technical Death/Thrash Metal. very cool.
DISINCARNATE / Dream Of The Carrion Kind (JP 93)
---Technical Death Metal, featuring James Murphy.
GRAVE DIGGER / The Reaper (JP 93)
---German Power Metal.featuring Jorg Michael.
KILLING JOKE / Pandemonium (US 94)
LIZZY BOURDEN / Love You To Pieces (JP 87)
---American Power Metal 1st full length
LIZZY BOURDEN / The Murderess Metal Road Show (JP 87)
---American Power Metal live
MARSHALL LAW / Marshall Law (JP 90)
---British Heavy Metal.
MARY BEATS JANE / Locust (JP 97)
---Progressive modern thrash+mixture 2nd,
MAYADOME / Paranomal Activity (96)
---Heavy Metal
PRETTY MAIDS / Scream (JP 94)
---Denmark Melodic Power Metal.
PRONG / Prove You Wrong (JP 91)
---Thrash/Hardcore crossover.
---American Power Metal. David Wayne, Dennis O'Hara...
SACRIFICE / Soldiers Of Misfortune (91)
---Canadian Thrashn 3rd. very cool.
SORTILEGE / Hero's Tears (West GR 86)
---French Power Metal.SPV mid-price CD. very rare.
TORMENTER / Goddess Of Love (US ??)
---L.A. metal type.Mausoleum classix, rare CD.
WATCHTOWER / Control And Resistance (JP 89)
---ultra-technical thrash, 2nd.
---East Berlin live. very hot!!!---日本盤より収録曲が2曲多い.
AGONY / The First Defiance (87) 
---Crunch riff thrash. rare.
ANTHRAX / Spreading The Disease (85)
---2nd album.
ATHEIST / Piece Of Time (89)
---1st album. Bass Roger Patterson(R.I.P)
BLIND FURY / Out Of Reach (85)
BLIND ILLUSION / The Sain Asylum (88)
---Technical Thrash. featuring Lary Lalonde(POSSESSED-PRIMUS) and Les Claypool(PRIMUS)
DBC / Univers (88)
---Canadian Thrash2nd.
DEATH ANGEL / The Ultra Violence (87)
---Bay Area Thrash 1st.
DEFIANCE / Void Terra Firma (90)
---BayArea Thrash 2nd. 
DESTRUCTION / Eternal Devastation (86)
---Bible of German Thrash Metal !
DESTRUCTION / Release From Agony (88)
---German Thrash.
DESTRUCTION / Live Without Sense (89) 
---German Thrash Live. very cool!
HOLY TERROR / Terror & Submission (87)
---Exciting Thrash Metal.
MEGADETH / Peace Cells...But WHo's Buying (JP 86)
---Technical Thrash 2nd.
METALLICA / Master Of Pupets (86)
---2LP. Rare.
MIDAS TOUCH / Presage Of Disaster (88)
---Technical Thrash.
NAPALM DEATH / Mentally Murdered (89)
---Bible of Grindcore.
OBITUARY / Cause Of Death (90)
---2nd. Featurung James Murphy.
POSSESSED / Seven Churches (85)
---Great Thrash Metal 1st.
TESTAMENT / The Legacy (87)
---Bay Area Thrash 1st.
TOXIK / World Circus (88)
---Technical Speed/Thrash. cool.
VOI VOD / Rrroooaaarrr (86)
---Canadian Thrash Metal 2nd.
WHIPLASH / Power And Pain (85)
---Bible of Thrash Metal!very very cool!