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John shout at Japanese audience. "shut up !"
Live at Shibuya-Kokaido Tokyo Japan 10 December 1987
55KB 0:21
John introduces Public Image Limited to Japanese audience.
Live at Nihon-Budokan Hall Tokyo Japan 6 September 1989
47KB 0:17
Lydon talks about how he joined the band 50KB 0:18
Steve talks about Malcolm's store and the formation of the band 66KB 0:24
Paul, Malcolm, and Steve talk about the formation of the band 82KB 0:30
Interview with Johnny 82KB 0:30
Lydon reflects upon the band's breakup 77KB 0:29
Lydon's opinion of Malcolm McLaren 28KB 0:08
Australian TV advertisement 158KB 0:58
Malcolm talks about his purpose for the band 23KB 0:06
Malcolm talks about his philosophy on punk 93KB 0:35
Malcolm speaks for the band 98KB 0:36
The GLC Councilor talks about punk rock 93KB 0:34
Johnny talks about being banned by local councilors 55KB 0:19
Johnny classifies the Pistols' music style 55KB 0:19
The infamous Bill Grundy interview 169KB 1:26
McLaren comments on the Grundy interview 28KB 0:08
Malcolm and the band talk about Sid 55KB 0:20
News report on Pistols' signing to A & M 50KB 0:17
Lydon talks about the anti-punk thugs 39KB 0:14
Malcolm talks about the whole scandal of it all 61KB 0:21
Ever get the feeling you've been cheated? 12KB 0:03
Lydon's analysis of his "famous last words" 109KB 0:39
John introduces the band 23KB 0:06
Nancy's voice ? 28KB 0:08
Johnny on age 18KB 0:05
Johnny on ego 18KB 0:06