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TJ Show in Atlantic City

January 30, 1999

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The show started at about 9:10 PM. When Tom came out it was like seeing him for the very first time. My heart was pounding from all the excitement. He has changed his music for '99 and here is a list of the songs he sang:

1. Turn On Your Love Light
2. Hard to Handle
3. Help Yourself
4. With These Hands
5. Delilah
6. She's A Lady
7. Take Me To The River
8. Strong Man's Cry
9. Flat Broke & Busted
10. If I Only Knew
11. Female of the Species
12. Standing on Shaky Ground
13. Give Me a Reason
14. I'll Never Fall In Love Again
15. Walking in Memphis
16. Green, Green Grass of Home
17. What's New Pussycat?
18. You Can Leave Your Hat On
19. In The Midnight Hour
20. Hold On, I'm Coming
21. It's Not Unusual
22. Resurrection Shuffle
23. Are You Gonna Go My Way
24. Kiss

Tom looked wonderful. He wore his black shirt, black tuxedo pants and jacket. When he removed his jacket, he unbuttoned 3 buttons and revealed that great chest and cross. By midway through the show, his shirt was drenched. I noticed he wore low shoes tonight..no heels.

Even though he lost two close friends one would never know after seeing him on stage. He was all smiles....his voice was terrific and he looked simply divine!!!! You were all there with us tonight.

Tonight I met Patti and Beth for the first time. We sat near each other by the stage. I found out through our e-mail group that Beth is the young lady who throws Tom the towel and receives it back along with a kiss. I would see her each time I saw Tom in Atlantic City but never knew it was Beth. As you all know, I snapped two rolls of film of Tom and was so excited to be so close to the stage with my new camera. After the show, I talked with Patti and Beth back in their hotel room while they were getting ready to go to dinner. All in all, it was great to finally meet the dyanamic duo and we promised to keep in touch.

It was an evening I will never forget.


All the pictures were taken by Cindy Moffa and arranged by Mari with permission.
Uploaded May 3, 1999