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  1. Tom Jones
    by Bert Schwartz
    Grosset & Dunlap, New York City, 1969
    [out of print]
      It has 96 pages and several black and white photos.

  2. Tom Jones: Biography of a Great Star
    by Peter Jones
    Avon Publishing, 1970 (1st edition), 1971
    ASIN: 0213002477
    [out of print]
      This book features 176 pages, 39 black and white photos and a discography covering 1965 - 1969.

    ●訳書 「 トム・ジョーンズのすべて」 1973 年(ピーター・ジョーンズ著 武田直樹訳、二見書房)
    [out of print]


  3. Tom Jones : The Boy from Nowhere
    by Colin MacFarlane
    W.H. Allen, London, 1988 St Martins Press, New York
    ASIN: 0312026587
    [out of print]

    The author, Colin Macfarlane , August 6, 1998
    Way back in 1984 I was living in Tom's home village of Treforest, South Wales, and I noticed everyone had a story about Tommy Woodward, his real name. I got together with Tom's cousin Alan Woodward and we set about doing the story. We had some good laughs in the valleys and the book eventually came out in 1988 with W.H. Allen, London, and the bonus was St Martins Press New York took it up guaranteeing it big sales in America. I have a lot of fond memories doing the book and when I look back they certainly were good times. The ironic thing was just as the book was due to come out Tom released The Boy From Nowhere so we gave the book that title. My favourite Tom song? It's either I'll Never Fall In love Again or Without Love. I met a crowd of guys recently in Cardiff who could recite the monologue to Without Love word for goes something like:"To live for today and to love for tomorrow is but the wisdom of a fool. For love is that wonderful thing that the! whole wide world needs plenty of. And if you think you can live without love, you're only fooling yourself. Listen to me please, while I tell you a story that happened to me just the other day..." Try reciting that after a few pints of beer, it can be a good laugh. Colin Macfarlane.
    (Author's comment on Amazon)

  4. Tom Jones : A Biography
    by Stafford Hildred & David Gritten

    1st edition - Isis Large Print Books, April 1991
       ISBN: 1850894868
       [out of print]

    2nd edition - Sidgwick & Jackson, 1998
       an imprint of Macmillan Publishers Ltd
       ISBN 0283063122
       [available at Tower Records, Barnes and Noble]

    3rd edition - Pan, June 9, 2000
       Paperback 256 pages
       ISBN: 0330393421
       [available at Amazon UK ]

    This review of the Welsh Sinatra's private, business and professional life in recent years incorporates confidences from friends, associates, and those who remember him from the very earliest days of success and burning ambition in the 1960s. (from Amazon UK)

  5. Tom Jones -- Quote Unquote
    by Roger St. Pierre
    Parragon Book Service, LTD. publishers, Great Britain, 1996
    ISBN: 0-7525-1696-5
    [available at Barnes and Noble, CD Zone (book zone)]

  6. Tom Jones: It's Not Unusual
    by Chris Roberts
    Virgin Publishing, 1999
    ISBN 1852278463
    [available at Chapters, Book Co., Amazon UK and CD Zone]

    Tom Jones has taken one of the most amazing journeys in music ever. Starting as a choirboy in the valleys of Wales, Jones later became an international sex symbol belting out, with thrusting hips, "What's New Pussycat," followed by glittering stints in Las Vegas and then in the late '80s and '90s a renaissance. Chris Roberts tells Jones' story by collecting great photographs of the man as well as comment from other stars who have admired, and indeed been inspired by, this great singer. Putting every stage of Jones' career into clear context, the author makes It's Not Unusual the definitive word on the Welsh star. (from The Chapters)

  7. TOM JONES Close Up
    by Lucy Ellis & Bryony Sutherland
    Omnibus Press, 2000
    ISBN 0.7119.7549.3
    [available at music, Amazon UK ]

    Published to coincide with his 60th birthday in June 2000, this biography of Tom Jones features over 70 interviews with childhood companions, celebrity associates, members of his former backing band, "The Squires", and his PR man. It also provides accounts of his various lovers and relationships. (from Amazon UK )

  8. Tom Jones: the Biography
    by Robin Eggar (web site: Tom Jones The Biography)
    Headline Book Publishing, 2000
    ISBN 0.7472.7578.5
    [available at Amazon UK ]

    This biography of Tom Jones explains how he grew up in a tiny South Wales village, then shot to superstardom. The author has talked to close friends, family, business associates and to Tom Jones himself, to build a rounded portrait of the man from the Welsh Valleys who has become a pop legend. (from Amazon UK )

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