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- Tom's Portrait -

Lucie Chartrand from Montreal told me about her wonderful meeting with Tom in March, 1999. I'm happy to be able to introduce her story and the fabulous pictures on my page. Most of you know her wonderful TJ site "Yesterday... Today... This Is Tom Jones".

Lucie Chartrand with Tom Jones
He was so "gentleman". - In Montreal, March 15, 1999 -

You know the first time that I gave him a portrait of him, it was during his show in May 1997 and he signed an autograph on a copy of this one. Few weeks before the show I asked the production house for a meeting with him and I didn't have the pernission because they said to me that Tom came in and out.

Tom holds his portrait Lucie drew.
I asked at a radio station (a stars program) to help me. They communicated with them and the "radio man" told me that he can't obtain an answer. Then he suggested I give him the portrait during the show and he told me that the portrait was beautiful (I sent him a picture of it), I did what he said and I was able, it was terrific. I didn't want to disturb his show, I was shy and I didn't touch him and he sent me a kiss with his hand.

And for the show in March 1999, I didn't ask the permission a couple of weeks before, but the same day of the show I called my husband on his job and I asked him: "Please Paul, call the production house and ask for a meeting with Tom Jones because I have a gift for him." He did that and they said to him, "go to the theatre early and ask to speak to the tour manager to meet him.

We (my husband, my three daughters and me) went 1 hour and a half before the show and we did that. A kind young girl spoke to us and asked me why I wanted to meet Tom and I said "it's just to see him and to give him by myself this portrait that I made for him. (I wanted a picture with Tom and I wanted to ask her to take it ...), she said "you can have a picture with him and it's just you who can go back stage.

Tom and Lucie
Théâtre St-Denis Montreal, March 15,1999

You know what? I've never spoken in English before and it was the first time I spoke in English (and it was with him). I wanted to see him with my husband because he speaks English, he's not a fan of him but he likes him and he wanted to meet him too. I went with this kind girl and she took three pictures (I will send her a gift, she was so kind with me). My husband printed the film the next day and I was so excited to see these pictures (we have a photos, framing... store).

Tom was so "gentleman". I don't know if he likes the portrait (because I'm not a "pro", it's only in appreciation for him and I think he knows that) and he took his time to sign the picture of this one. It was a beautiful night.

I also saw the second show in Montreal, I and my daughter Genevieve had a seat in eighth row and at the end of the show we went near the stage and we were dancing and singing with him, it was terrific, what memories. I'll never forget that. Now I look at the pictures and I think that it was a dream. Now I am on a picture with the legend Tom Jones. I owe him all my respect. Thank you Tom.

Lucie Chartrand
"Yesterday... Today... This Is Tom Jones"

If anyone else has met TJ in person or cherish memories about TJ, please e-mail to Mari.
Uploaded on July 30, 1999

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