Kremlin Palace: September 15, 2001

TJ in Moscow


Tom Jones' Russian tour was reported by a Moscow TJ fan KYRGIZ.



entrance to
Kremlin Palace

Only coming near Kremlin Palace we saw the great crowd of people. The capacity of Palace is about 5000 and all the audience have to go through metal detector and police control, because Kremlin is maybe the most important, most beautiful building in Moscow and our government and president are inside. To get into the concert hall it took us about 1 hour.

Kremlin Palace Concert ticket
At last we are in hall, the lights is turning off... and then came the announcement:
"Ladies and Gentlemen...This is Tom Jones!"
I don't remember what was going on in the first five minutes of concert, I was in a maze.. Only after a while I began to realize the reality. Tom was wonderful. His clothes, all the stage decorations and lightings were the same as in TJ in St. Petersburg by Vadim Shesterikov.

In first part of concert he sang:

Second part was consisted of: After that he said "Thank you very much. Hope to see you in Moscow next time!" etc. and..went out with his musicians... All the people began to applaud with the echo, whistle, bawl (the hall was filled up about 90%) for 10 minutes! And...Tom was appearing on the stage again! He said many pleasant words to us, then sang Kiss and two other songs I've never heard before, as encore! The audience was in ecstasy!

And I want to add...I have many live recordings...but this time the voice of Tom was extraordinary powerful, clear and loud! I'll remember this evening all my life because it was the only one chance I could hear and see Tom. But ... as Tom would say:
"Hope to see you time"!!

- KYRGIZ from Moscow, Russia -

©KYRGIZ, Uploaded by Mari on September 19, 2001