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After being awarded an OBE in March, 1999, Tom Jones was asked in an interview if he had any regrets. "I would have liked to have pursued a movie career when I was younger." (OK! March 19, 1999 issue)
Tom Jones has never starred in a movie. That is unbelievable for a singing star like Tom with dramatic good looks and massive appeal to audiences of a wide age range. His live performances confirm a charismatic stage presence. In fact, film studios were enquiring about his availability even after his first hit single "It's Not Unusal".
Three movies were signed for United Artists in the past, but for various reasons none of them were ever completed:
"The Gospel Singer", "The Studd" and "Yockowald" .
"The Studd" was turned down because Tom got embarrassed reading the script. But the other two films would have been a big success if completed.
On the other hand, he did make a great contribution to movies with his voice.

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TV Movies
  • 1972 The Special London Bridge Special (David Winters, '72) UK/USA, 50 min

      A fantasy story about London Bridge brought to America. Tom stars in a film for the first time and performs as himself, falling in love with Jenniferr O'Neil. A bunch of stars and celebrities appears in this film including Kirk Douglas, Rudolf Nureyev, The Carpenters, Charllton Heston, Engelbert Humperdinck and many others. Tom sings: 1. She's A Lady / 2. The Ghost Riders In The Sky / 3. Got To Get You Into My Life / 4. If / 5. You've Got A Friend / 6. London Is London

  • 1974 On Happiness Island (BBC Special, 1974) UK, 49 min

      Cruising the Ocean, Tom Jones was browsing newspaper in the bath ....the headline saying Miss World was going to visit Barbados. He turned the boat right away to the island, where they met and fell in love. Music dominates this film and there's a great concert scene in the hotel garden at the end. The song list is: 1. I Can See Clearly Now / 2. Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da / 3. The Sloop John B / 4. Right Place, Wrong Time / 5. I Want To Make It With You / 6. Love I Lost / 7. Most Beautiful Girl / 8. She's Looking Good / 9. American Trilogy / 10. Rock 'n' Roll Medley (Johnny B. Goode - Bony Morony - Long Tall Sally)

  • 1979 Pleasure Cove (Bruce Bilson, 1979) USA

      About holidaymakers at a posh California beach resort, one of which featured a nude beach. Tom performed as Raymond Gordon and appeared in a disco in downtown Los Angeles, singing in his tuxedo, and on the beach in the briefest pair of bikini briefs. Broadcast in January 1979.

  • 1984 Fantasy Island (Aaron Spelling, 1984) USA, 56 min

      Performed as Jack Palmer, a certified public accountant from Cardiff, whose fantasy is to be Dick Turpin. Tom sings two songs. Broadcast on ABC on April 7, 1984.

  • 1991 The Ghosts Of Oxford Street (Malcolm McLaren, 1991) UK, 56 min

      A TV musical celebrating the 200th anniversary of Oxford Street, London's most renowned shopping street. Tom performs as Gordon Selfridge, the founderr of the Selfridges emporium, who made a fortune and then blew it all on wine, women and gambling. Sings Money and Nobody Knows You When You're Down And Out. Broadcast on Dec. 24, 1991 on Channel 4.

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Movies In Which Tom Jones Sings

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