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An aphorism of the page written in Chinese character means "Realize social anxiety in advance, enjoy social delight after people delight" said by Fan Zhongyan, who was a Chinese politician (10th century). He thought it was necessary for whoever concerned about political affairs.  Now I think that it is necessary for every citizen as a subject of the city.


You are welcome to the page of "Volunteer for Reforming Urban Life"!
There are my reports and opinions to make your and my cities be kind to every urban dweller and environment.
Please enter and read articles as bellows. And give me your comment and new information,
Thank you.


General View -- For Every Urban Dweller & Environment

What is "Volunteer for Reforming Urban Life" ? (Feb.14.2001)

About Me (Dec.6.2000)

Promoting Riding Bicycle as a Way of Transport in City

Situation of Bicycle in Japanese Cities (Feb.14.2001, Mar.10.2002)

An Example in Toshima City (Dec.15.2000. Last added Oct.29.2002)

An Example in Shinjuku City (Feb.14.2001)

An Example in Bunkyo City

An Example in Itabashi City

An Example in Nerima City (April.1, June.6.2003)

An Example in Kita City of Tokyo (Feb.11.2002)

An Example in Nakano City (Oct.29.2002)

An Example in Arakawa City (Jul.21.2005)

An Example in Edogawa City (2005)

An Example in Shibuya City (Oct.2006)

An Example in Chiyoda City

An Example in Musashino City (2004)

A critic on the TV Program "Friday Forum" (Dec.20.2000)

Impeach to Impose Bicycle Tax by Arakawa City (Dec.12.2000)

Impeach to Impose Tax on "Hochi-jitensha" Bicycle by Toshima City
(Jan.23.2002, Last Added; Feb.22.2006)

An Example in Kyoto City

Do Not Allow Enforcing Bicycle Hostile Policy by Nishinomiya City (2002.1.7)

Against Exploitation from the People
under the Name of "Environmental Problem"

Impeach to Impose Register Sack Tax by Suginami City (Dec.1.2001)

Support to Recover from Disaster

Kobe -- The Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake
Nishi-Biwajima -- Flood Disaster in Autumn 2000

Other Activity

It will be added soon!

Volunteer for Reforming Urban Life

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