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Raphaël Fumet (1898-1979)

A French organist and a composer. Born in 1898 as a son of the famous organist-composer Dynam Victor Fumet, and have shown his ability in his childhood. Although he entered Scola Cantolum and studied under Vincent D'indy, he became an organ-accompanist for silent movie theatres around Montmartre area in Paris around that period and encountered many artists such as Jeanne Hébuterne, Modigliani, Juan Gris, Joseph Bernard. Because he could not feel confortable of academism and crowds in Paris, he moved out to Seine-et-Merne in 1930 to be the director of the Collège de Juilly, where he was also active as a chorus master there for 10 years. In 1940, because of German occupation of Paris, he subsequently moved to Anges with his family where he became a professor of piano and composition at the Anges conservatory. In Anges, he was also appointed as the organist of St.Joseph cathedral. He died in 1979 there.As a composer, his compositional aesthetics was deeply rooted on baroque music, and the diction can be characterized traditional and elegant manner. His compositional diction in form is pseudo-classical idiom as well as the modernism based coloration attaches the fairly colorful harmonies on it. Because he was skeptical toward the rationalistic trend on the paradigm of his era, he did not care of promoting his compositions because he did not expect the fine-art aesthentics would not accept by the paradigm. That attitude led his fame as a composer into being unknown today. His biographical background is also largely unclear by the same erason. Recently, a few recordings made by his son, flutist G.Fumet. These recordings urge some recognition for better understanding of his works.

Main Works

Concerto ode concertante (-) {fl, strings (p)}
Night nuït (-) {strings}
Chamber Trio for Flutes trio pour flûtes (1935) {3fl}
la rose (1943?) {vln, p}
frondaison (1950) {fl, org}
Baroque Diptych
diptyque baroque (1958?) {vla, fl}
Quartet for Flutes
quatuor pour flûtes (-) {4fl}
lacrymosa (-) {vla, p /fl, org}

Cantata Based on the Bible
cantate biblique (-) {4fl, vc}
A Composition for Viola
l'oeuvre pour alto (-) {vla, p}
interpolaire (-) {fl}
Sailor's Song
barcarolle (-) {vla, p}
Angel in the Wood
l'anges des bois (-) {p}
Organ miserere (-)
Song of Love chant d'amour (-)
Choral in Ancient Form choral à l'ancienne (-)
pentecôte (-) {tp, org}
Sleep of the Flowers le sommeil des fleurs (-)
toccata (-)
Prelude and Fugue prélude et fugue (-)
Songs A Sunday un dimanche (-) {vo, p}
Word of the Nights verbe des nuits (-) {vo, p}

Fumet Disc Review

"Prélude et Fugue / Miserere / Nuït / Pentecôte / Le Sommeil des Fleurs / Frondaison / Choral à l'ancienne / Lacrimosa / Chant d'amour / Toccata" (Ligia Digital : Lidi 0109103-01)
Henri-Franck Beaupérin (org) Gabriel Fumet (fl) Hervé Noël (tp)
A flutist Gabriel Fumet is sheding the lights on his father's compositions. Thanks to the son's contribution, they are acquring some recogniton. Seems like reflecting his nature of disinterestedness or desireless to be famous, he seems like not a prolific composer. In fact, as for his organ works genre, complete works list can be drawn by simply obtain this CD consist of solo organ works as well as organ with flute (played by the composer's son) and two organ-trumpet tunes. As you can see as follows, we can also listen his compositions by purchasing his chamber works from Marco Polo label. On the contrary to his chamber works can be described as pseudo-classical modernism such as traditional form and modernistic harmony, his works for organ resembles Messiaen and Langlais related (a)tonal idiom although its form indicates equal influence from D'indy. As for the organist, beaupérin was an alumni of Paris Conservatory obtaining the first prize in organ class in there. His nicely performed organ indicates his record such that he won the first prize of Paris civil international organ competition in 1995.

"Trio pour flûtes / Diptyque baroque / Quatuor pour flûtes / Lacrymosa / Cantate Biblique / Interpolaire" (Marco Polo : 8.223890)
Gérard Jarry (cond) Gabriel Fumet, Benoît Fromanger, Philippe Pierlot, Hubert de Villèle (fl) Gérard Caussé (vla) Michel Poulet (vc) Désiré N'Kaoua (p) Jean-François Paillard Chamber Orchestra
This chamber works is published from the zipangu digger label Marco Polo. This opens the first oppotunity for his works of being found aside from a disc from Arion label in 1999. In fact the composer's son Gabriel Fumet commited and played a role of contriver by making the recordings realized. Such an beautiful filial duty!! Again, the composer's non-prolific nature is apparent by simply comparing their programs that a large part of them are overlapped. With checking his process of moving out from Paris, he should have simply sought the music simply confortable to ear, rather than that of bustling contemporarians, such that he chose the pastoral life apart from crowded metropolis. The works in this CD represents such kind of favor dramatically. Pseudo-classical form has no gimmick, just simple. Modernistic harmonies and tonalities are modestly applied just for enriching archaic taste. Iit may sound plain for some of you, but it does not automatically mean the composition do not have originality and attraction, but may implies our daily life (and ears) is perfectly fulfilled with bloody urban way. Although the names of the performers are famous, their performances cannot be plaised excellently. The recording subsequently became discount one by re-published from Naxos (8.554082) so that you can pay around the half from the present Marco Polo edition.

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