Composer of 'G'

Noël-Gallon (1891-1966)

A French educator and composer. Born in Paris on September 11th of 1891 in a family of musical environment. his mother was a distinguished piano teacher. His 13 years senior brother, Jean Gallon, was also a professor of harmony in Paris Conservatory. He entered Paris Conservatory to study composition, counterpoint and fugue, and piano. In 1910, he obtained the first prize of Prix de Rome with his cantata 'Acis et Galathée'. His largest contribution was as an educator. Since he has appointed as an position in Paris Conservatory as a teacher of solfège, and was also appointed as a teacher of counterpoint et fugue section in 1926, he has educated many excellent pupils such as Durufle, Challin, Messiaen, Dutilleux, and Aubin. Also, he wrote a nice textbook for studying counterpoint, by a collaboration of Marcel Bitsch. As for a composer, he wrote a large amount of smaller vocal and instrumental music as test pieces. He passed away on December 26th, 1966 in Paris. (* There is one score sheet insisting his name is 'Gabriel' Noël-Gallon. Means that "Noël" is not his first name definitely. No reference gives us any academic evidence for it. If you have any information about this issue. please let us know it!!: 2005. 3. 3 this announce attached)

Main Works

Stage Peasants and Soldiers Paysans et soldats op, 5 (1911)... Text: P. de Sancy
The Marseille Citizen
la marseillaise: tableau musical (1912)
Ballet 'Hansli the Hunchback Hansli le bossu (1914)...Co-work of H. Cain and E. Adenis, with J. Gallon
Orchestral Fantasy for Piano and Orchestra fantaisie (1909) {p, orch}
Suite for Orchestra in D
suite (1909)
Concerto for Three Winds and Orchestra
concerto pour trois vents et orchestre (1934) {3winds, orch}
Fantasy fantaisie (1921) {hrp}
Suite for Flute and Piano suite pour flûte et piano (1921) {fl, p}
Barcarolle barcarolle (1933) {hrp}
Suite in trio suite en trio (1933) {ob, cl, bssn}
Recollection recueillement (1951) {fl, p (org)}
Sonate for Flute and Basson sonate (1952) {fl, bssn}
Quintet quintette (1953) {2vln, vla, vc, hrp}
Dool dolor (1953) {vc, p}
Andante and Presto andante et presto (1957) {hrn, p}
Improvisation and Rondo improvisation et rondo (1958) {fl, p}
Sonata sonate (-) {fl, bssn}
Dance danse (-) {fl, p}
Serenade sérénade (-) {fl, p}
Scherzo scherzo (-) {fl, p}
Nocturne nocturne (-) {fl, p}
Vocal 15 Solfege Lessons 15 leçons de solfège avec accompagnement de piano (1936) {vo, p}
Recite and Allegro recit et allegro (1938) {narr-vo, p}
16 Solfege Lessons
16 leçons de solfège avec accompagnement de piano (1958) {vo, p}
50 Lessons for Rhythmic Solfege 50 leçons de solfège rythmiques (1964) {vo, p?}
30 Higher Lessons for Solfege solfège progressif : 30 leçons, avec accompagnement (-) {vo, p?}
22 Lessons in 7 Vocals 22 leçons 7 clés avec accompagnement (-) {7vo, p?}
Piano 100 Higher Musical Degrees for Two Hands 100 dictées musicales progressives à deux parties (1924)
150 Degrees for Harmony, in Solo and Duo 150 dictées harmoniques graduées à 2, 3 et 4 parties (1927) {2p}
Sonatine sonatine (1931)
100 Higher Degrees for Harmony, in 3 Hands 100 dictées musicales progressives à trois parties (1942)
50 Higher Degrees for 4 Hands 50 dictées musicales progressives à quatre parties: faciles à difficiles (1948) {2p}
Waltz Impromptu No.1 valse-impromptu (1949)
Intermezzo and Capriccio intermezzo et capriccio (1951)
Waltz Impromptu No.2 valse-impromptu (1953)
Preludes Book 2 préludes (1953-1956)
Tiny Spring petite printemps (-)
Classical Rondo ronde classique (-)
Garlands guirlandes (-)

Gallon Disc Review

"The Flench Flutes 1920-1930 :
Prélude, Récitatif et Variations (Duruflé) Suite / Improvisation et Rondo (N.Gallon) Passacaille / Bourrée (Rhené-Baton) Romanesque (R.Hahn) Sonatine (G.Ropartz)" (Classico : CLASSCD 160)

Bent Larsen (fl) Lars Grunth (vla) Sverre larsen (p)
Northern European flutist Mr. Bent Larsen, whose CD of Langlais's flute works that I introduced before, seems to be a real favor of French modern music. The most famous composer in this CD is just Durufle. He must know how to unlimber minor- composers- dilettantes' wallets to buy!! Above all, the inclusion of works by Gallon and Rhene-Baton, the composers who just known as educators or critics, should be the merit only to appreciate by this CD. As for Gallon's works, 'suite' is a distinctive pieces in terms of tonality, form, and melodic content, although the other piece sounds modal and modern. This clearly indicates his nature as an 'modest' modernist because he has the attitude to accept newer impressionistic technique and to apply it to older Romantic idiom. If you would like me to raise any name whose compositions sound alike, it would be Gaubert. On the contrary, the two works by Rhene-Baton is more modal and abstruct in form. These are real masterpieces which prove the composer's ability. Althoough the performers is not well-sophisticated (such that the viola is incertitude and flute sounds a bit husky..), they are well enough to be accepted. Considering the fascinating selection of tunes, it is worth to be purchased.

(2003. 10. 5)