Composer of 'V'

Ricardo Viñes (1875-1943)

A Spanish pianist. Born at Lérida on 7'th (although few references indicate 5'th) of February in 1875. When he was 7 years old, he began his musical study under Joaquín Terraza, a church organist of his native town. He then entered Barcerona Conservatory in 1885 and studied piano under J.P. Pujol, harmony under F. Pedrel, and obtained first prize on piano class in 1887. With the suggestion of Pujol, he went on for studying piano at Paris Conservatory in 1889 under Charles de Bériot, at where he also obtained the first prize in 1894. He began his professional carrier as a major pianist from the following year. As a pianist, he took an accommodating view toward the arts of the innovative generation of his era and became a member of such an group called Les Apaches. He is very famous because he has given many the first performances of the piano works of Debussy and Ravel. He was diligent in bringing up many pupils such as Marcelle Meyer and Francis Poulenc. Although he spent most of his life in Paris, he went back to his home country from 1940's. Soon he became a professor of piano class in Madrid Conservatory. He died in Barcerona on 29th of April in 1943, shortly after his last concert appearance on Catalonian Music Concert (Palau de la Música Catalana) at February 19th in 1943. Debussy dedicated his 'Poisson d'or' to Viñes as well as Ravel did his 'Menuet Antique', 'Oiseaux Triste' to him. (K.S.©2004)Related Internet Source: Rocard Viñes International Piano Concour

Main Works
°°* Thus far, all of his works that can be confirmed are following two and only a few songs.

Piano Four Hommages cuatro homenajes (1924) <p>
Two Hommages dos homenajes (-)...unclarified. seems to have dedicated to Satie and Severac.

Viñes Disc Review

"Fantasia Bética (de Falla) Cantos Màgicos / Suburbis / El Carrer, el Guitarrista, el vell Cavall / Gitanes / La Cegueta / L'home de l'Aristo (Mompou) Cuatro Homenajes (Viñes)" (Telos : CD tis 005)
Joaquin Soriano (piano)
Since we come to have many alternates to appreciate the works of Mompou by now, it might be hard to give a good reason to refer this CD for introducing Mompou to someone who is curious of him. For all music lovers (except deep Mompou seekers), the largest reason for picking up this CD should be the Viñes's complete works for piano (although only 4 pieces!!). Although he was from Spanish ground, he was very understandable of Debussy and Ravel's piano works and has given many world premières. The character can be said that resembles Mompou certainly. Of the four pieces dedicated respectively to Satie, Falgue, Faure, and Ravel, the Ravel piece sounds alike the originator to a large degree. It is largely impressive of what is presenting his dexterous nature. The pianist, Mr. Soriano has studied under Perlemuter at paris Conservatory, whereas he also took the lessons from A.Brendel in Vienna and has won 3 major piano concours before he was appointed a professor seat in Manhattan Conservatory in New York. The brilliant carrier tells his good hands for playing pianos.

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