Composer of 'V'

Louis Vuillemin (1879-1929)

A French musical critic and a composer. His formal name is Louis Francis Vuillemin. Born in Nantes (Loire region) on 19th of December 1879. Although his father was a military officer, his grand father was the founder of a piano builder (M. Didion=spell unclear). Before long, he came to pursue his carrer as a pianist and cellist, and entered Nante Conservatory. Then entered the Paris Conservatory cello class in 1899, where he studied harmony under Xavier Leroux, composition under Fauré. With deep influence and admiration of Fauré and Ladmirault, he composed numerous works with hints of Bretany folklore. He was also a named musical critic such that he has written 'Gabriel Fauré et son Oeuvre' in 1914, 'Albert Roussel et son Oeuvre' in 1924, 'Louis Aubert et son Oeuvre'. Because he had married early in his youthful days with a famous opera singer, he could not apply Prix de Rome (at that time, one of requisites for application was being single), which seems significantly to effect his fame in nowadays. However, his bretany-rooted diction is truly attractive and should be re-evaluated, like Ropartz and Ladmirault. He died in Paris on 2nd of April 1929.* The portrait of Vuillemin was kindly provided by anonymous colleague. Never use the photograph without our permission.

Main Works

Stage Opera 'Dual Sailed Ship' le double voile: drame lyrique (-) {1act 2tab.} ...Text: René Fauchois
Lyric Story 'Yolaine' Yolaine: conte lyrique (-) {4acts}
Incident Music for 'Sylla' musique de scene pour 'Sylla' d' Alfred Mortier (-)
Orchestral In Cornouaille en kerneo (en Cornouaille), op.23 (-) {orch/p}
1) Ar zac'h bennio (Les binious)
2) Dindan ar goe fo ( Sous les hetres)
3) Ar pesceter hanter-veo (Le pecheur en goguettes)
4) Notre-Dame de Kerinec
5) Var an ennt ( Sur la route)
6) Ar lann rose ( La lande rose)
7) A c'hoas ar zac'h bennio ( Et encore les binious!)
Chamber Armiric Evening soir Armoricains: étude d'après nature, op.21 (1913-1918) {p}...dedicated to M. Dumesnil
1) Au large des clochers
2) En Rivière
3) Carillons dans la Baie
4) Appareillage

Dance of Faun danse bucolique (1922) {2p}
Four Dances quatre danses, op. 16 (-) {2p}
1) bourrée
2) gigue
3) pavane
4) passpied

Five Light Waltzs cinq valses légères, op.22 (-) {p}
Three Preludes trois préludes (-) {p}
Bells carillons (-) {p}
Three Easy Pieces trois bluettes faciles (-) {2p}
1) intermezzo
2) cantilène
3) valse

hornpipe (-) {hrnpipe}
Songs My Cicada ma cigale (1898) {vo, p}..Text: J. Marcel
Pavane of Blindness pavane aveugle: pour l. automne: Romance (1898) {vo, p}...Text: Edm. Haraucourt
Come to me
laissez venir à moi (1903) {vo, p}...Text: A.De Hormon
Rondel of a young Flute Player rondel sur une joueuse de flûte (1904) {vo, p}...Text: A. d. Hormon
Ave Maria
ave maria (1905) {vo, p}...Dedicated to Caplet
attente (1912) {vo, p}...Text: C. Mendès
Present, On my Way to Home presents, retuor (1913) {vo, p}...Text: Cl. Croiza
O Salutaris
o salutaris (1914) {vo, p}...Dedicated to Huré
Melancolic Rondels
rondels melancoliques (-) {vo, p}...Text: C. Mendès.
1) Le Poete porte le deuil des joies pas encore nées
2) Il songe que nul ne saurait naître pour la premiere fois
3) Il implore la mékancolique rose
4) Il croit entendre pleurer son coeur dans la plainte du ruisseau

le colibri (-) {vo, p}..Text: Leconte de l'isle
Portrait le portrait (-) {vo, p}..Text: Leon Dierx / Dedicated to L.Pelletier
The Dreams les rêves (-) {vo, p}..Text: René Fauchois / Dedicated to Aline Vallandri (opera comic)
Song lied (-) {vo, p}..Text: Aug. Angelier / Dedicated to L.Muratore (Opera Theatre)
Tired Song chant lasse, la route (-) {vo, vln (vc), p}...Text: H. Montasssier
Other Lines of Athletes cortège d' athlètes, compose a l' occasion des Jeux Olympiques de 1924 (1924)

Vuillemin Disc Review

"La Mer (Debussy) Une Barque sur l'Ocean (Ravel) Soir Armoricains (L. Vuillemin) L'isle Joyeuse (Debussy)" (Ar Re Se : AR 2001-1)
Lydia Jardon (piano)
This CD consists of three various works whose themes stand for the sea. The solist, Ms.Jardon is a graduate of Paris Natonal Conservatory and Ecole Normale. She was also a recipient of George Cziffra scholarship once and toured to Bosnia in 1998 under the charge of United Nations. However, it is also true that is hard to find her international career as a concert pianist. In fact the technique that can be heard on disc is difficult to be highly praised. Especially in the performance of the tricky tune like 'L'isle Joyeuse', her arpeggio is completely being grind down. Even though of such an defect, this recording is still worth to be listened thanks to her attentive way of selecting and reading scores. You can easily notice such an attitude by finding the name of the most underrated composer Vuillemin between Ravel and Debussy. With based on impressionism, Vuillemin's compositional diction is rooted strongly in Bretany folklore in terms of rhythms and phrasing. While the former two greats were pursuing the musical evolution in the center of the history of modern classical music, there was another modernism that was ongloing in regional areas, pursued by Séverac, Ropartz or Flem. They were trying to RE-present the treasure in regional area by use of newly-discovered sound pallette (impressionistic harmonization). You will never understand the real history of modern French music without looking the both sides.

(2005. 3. 6 upload)