Composer of 'V'

Emile Vuillermoz (1878-1960)

A French critic. Formal name is Emile Jean-Joseph Vuillermoz. He was born in Lyon on 23th of May, 1878. After taking a diploma on Law at Lyon Conservatory, he entered Paris Conservatory for studying piano and organ under Daniel Fleuret, harmony under Antoine Taudou, composition under Gabriel Fauré. Although he had a fair success as a operetta composer and gave harmonizations on French folksongs at first, he soon switched himself as a musical critic on a journal named Mercure Musical. In 1911, he also became the head editor of the journal of Ruvue Musicale. He was very active as a critic on other journals such as L'illustration, L'éclair, Comoedia respectively. He took a largely empathetic stance for liveral culture such that he has participated the foundation of Independent Music Association (Société Musicale Indépendante) in 1909 as well as he quick off the mark as a critic of newly-appeared cinemas or films by publishing his articles on the journals such as Le Temps, Excelsior, (The New) Revue Musicale, Candide, Cahier d' Aujourd'Hui, and Paris-Presse. He also became a member of the editorial board of L'impartial Français. Furthermore, he has appointed a board of Paris Conservatory and French National Broadcasting Station later on. He was a close friend of his senior classmate Ravel, and he organized the première of 'Ma Mère L'oye' (1910) as well as he wrote an article of 'Maurice Ravel' on Revue Musicale (vol.185-7, p. 245). He also left a number of books of the composers of his era such as Musiques d' Aujourd'hui (Music of Nowadays: 1923), Histoire de la Musique (History of Music: 1949), Claude Debussy (1957), and Gabriel Fauré (1960) . He died on 2nd march, 1960 in Paris. (2005©K.S.)

Main Works
{* Almost no composition can be found until now... any information welcome!!}

Chamber 10 Melodic Pieces for Key Changes 10 pièces mélodiques à changement de tons (-) {hrn, p}
Etudes études (-) {hrn, p}
Songs French Folksongs chansons populaires (-) {vo, p}... arrangement pieces
Songs of Franco Canadians chansons franco-canadiennes (-) {vo, p}
(Meaning Unclear) la perdriole (-) {vo, p}
Aubergne-Dance of Chapde-Beaufort Bourrée de Chapdes-beaufort (-) {vo, p}
Garden of Love
Jardin d'amour (-) {vo, p}

Vuillermoz Disc Review

"French Recital Pieces : Pieces en Re (Busser) Pour Diane (J.Charpentier) Scherzetto ( la Presle) Legende (Poot) En Irlande (Bozza) Piece Melodique No.8 (Vuillermoz) Le Reve du Jeune Faon (de la Presle) Romance sans Paroles (P.M.Dubois) Poeme Fantastique (Delerue) Sonatine (R.Guillou) Cantecor (Busser) Legende (Planel) Souvenir (Bonneau)" (Mark : 2611-MCD)
Robin Dauer (horn) Dennis Hay (piano)
Robin Dauer, an Arkansas State University faculty (Associate Professor) and Dennis Hay, a lecturer of a community college in Mississippi are the profiles of the performers. I am sorry but it is hard to attract any buyers worldwide without this adrable selection of the CD. Although there are not so many fatal mistakes in their performance so that is of no matter to grasp what the tunes are, the play itself is still difficult to be praised so that sounds like to carry the passages is heavy and chancy duty for them. Still this CD becomes worth to be purchased because of the hands of affectionate help for the minor modern composers. Most of the compositions in this CD sounds moderator of Dukas and Ravel. Above all, Presle and Vuillermoz are amazingly skillful compared to their fame. It is inexcusable that no works had previously released for them (despite the former was the Roman Prize winner!!) Any performer or conductor? How about record such an unexplored field? It should be far meaningful to record such an underrated composers rather than just thoughtlessly tracing well-thumbed compositions once again, even though they have traced so many times by the world famous orchestras and conductors. Such an highly-knowledgeable attitude surely helps yourself to attract attentions worldwide (like this CD is introduced in far-east country, like this way)

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