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Shiomi Fumitaka official site  "Talk about the low frequency sound pollution. "

Road to sound allergy

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The word cannot tell this tragedy.
The word cannot prevent the tragedy that occurs again.
Only the experience : the one to exceed the word.

There is truth in the other side of the experience.
Live in this truth.

This is a signature sentence of the monument that comes out in Star Trek/Voijar (chapter Memorial).
Though there is a slaughter event in the star named Tarakis
Because it never allows the same wrong to be repeated
To tell it at the future life
To the people who visited near the star
It is speaking of making it relive by can do the trauma.
2300 year though such a thing can be done because it releases it
It is regrettable that there is only a word now of just becoming the 21st century.

This site is pollution that has not been admitted yet as pollution.
Abnormality of the low-frequency noise is appealed.
As a result, it hypersensitive reacts to the sound brought. (sound allergy)
It is a site where an early solution is appealed during one even o'clock.

(low frequency)Base of noise pollution base


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