The Way to Takamagahara.

last update 2003/09/28

[MAP of Kita-Alps]

This is a top of Mt.Yakushi-dake.

There is a hanging bridge near the Yakushi-zawa koya.
Watch your step!

This is Kumonotaira highland.
If you want to go to only Takamagahara, you don't need through Kumonotaira. But it is very nice place. So I think you should go there.

There is a log bridge. Don't SLIP!

Old and tiny Takamagahara sansou. (stay + supper + breakfast + tax = \8400)
Does this photo seems to be distorted? The house distorted actually!
If you need more information, see official Home Page.
---- http://www3.ocn.ne.jp/~ltaro/takama/takama.htm ----(Japanese only)

At front of Takamagahara sansou. Almost all people are stay this sansou.
There is no camp ground near Takamagahara. Everybody CANNOT camp in Takamagahara.

Takamagahara onsen. (Admission free)
It takes about 15 minute from Takamagahara sansou to onsen.

A buthtub for men and for women. Japanese call "kon-yoku" like this buth. Women might use this buthtub. (But I have never seen!)

A buthtub for women.(Non roof type)
There is another buthtub for women. It has a roof.

Mt.Washiba-dake. (View from Mt.Warimo-dake.)

Washiba-ike pond. (View from top of Mt.Washiba-dake.)
You can see Mt.Yarigatake over there.

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