2.2 An advice to whom wishes to climb Mt Fuji in winter season.

Regarding to the affair about the Fuji mountain climbing of the
severe-winter time,it is a very hard climbing.

It will apply from the end of December to in mid-February,
and is the most dangerous season.
Also in the past, the example with a remarkable accident of the
foreigner of winter Fuji independent line is seen.

Since the skill and experience of your experience/carrier are not known
how much, although it cannot say not at all, I hesitate to recommend you.

In February (although there may be no cheerful day and it does
not become precocious ) Mt. Fuji at the time like the cold wave of
several days , difficulty follows as equivalent to 8,000m peak of Himalaya
and of Mt M'cKinley (Alaska) in winter, or the danger beyond it.

Therefore, if Mt.Fuji climbing of a snow-coverage time is
surely expected, it will be considered that it is not that it should
change in the season after the end of March.

A detail reasons are as follows.

1) The day of fine weather also has a strong wind, and the
whole mountain becomes like a frozen ski slope, and Mt. Fuji of winter
is slipperly and you will not be stopped, if you slip.

2)The strength of the wind of winter Fuji, and the cold of her
is same as McKinley of winter, or Himalaya of 8000m.

Moreover there is also danger of a snowslide(Avalanche) according
to the weather.

3) A Japanese climber does not reach in the winter of a severe-winter
time except for special reason, either.
(Supply [ of a meteorological station ] sake etc.)

4) Even if it surely tries, the independent line should be made to
the plan with the margin of the days which stand by enough until it
should stop and weather conditions become good.

Although they are the reasons to which the above is not recommended -- me
-- since there is no qualification to say, I would like to
introduces a pro-guide association following address.
If you are expertised winter climibing under iced and hazard condition,please see

2.An Advice for Expertised Climbers who wishes to Climb Mt.Fuji in Winter.

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