The following 4 images are quoted from Neil McRae's collection with his permission.
Tilley Model X359 is a 300 cp kero lantern which as you can see has a blow torch pre heater. Very rare now because they cost more than the standard lantern and were only made for one or two years in 1959 and possibly 1960.
Another very rare one is this Tilley Model EX4. These were made for export only so are not found in the UK here but only in places like Australia. This one dates from 1937 to 1939. It does not have a valve. The fitting that looks like a standard valve unit is actually soldered into the fount and only operates the tip cleaner. The lantern also has a pressure release valve in the top of the fount.
Next image is a Model ML96 Jacobean lamp from 1937 with a turned wood base and stem with a copper bowl for the lamp to sit in. These are now much sought after and quite rare. This one has a brass fount with a copper/mahogany finish. There are some older versions which had a copper fount.
The Model VL1 Vase lamp is older and probably made around 1928 to 1930. As you can see it has the "silent burner" fitted which was only made from 1927 to 1933. The vases were made by the Bretby Art Pottery in England and are sought after by Bretby collectors in their own right. These lamps were expensive when new and are now very rare. Originally made in six different colors This one is "Old Gold" the other colors are Saxe Blue, Crimson, Olive Green, Pink, and Black. All except the black version had a polished and lacquered fount. The black one was chrome plated. I have only ever seen three of the six colors, Gold, Blue and Pink. Thanks Neil.

Here is a Tilley FL6 flood light and is quoted from Vic Tipman's collection with his permission.
The comment below is from Vic.

It stands about a metre high, and when lit, turns out about 3,000 candle power from the parabolic mirror in the back of the lamp.
This one goes, and I have used it, but I prefer to use an older one that I have.
It has two stands, a short one that sits on the ground, and allows it to be rocked backwards and forwards, and a larger tripod that will put the lamp about 1.5 metres off the ground.
A great lamp, and run very nicely.

Thanks Vic.

This is another Tilley Model FL6 Floodlight Projector and is quoted from Pete Wilson with his permission. It has a steel tank with a narrow long pump, and a pressure gauge. The lens is about 14" diameter and the overall height including the stand is 30". On the front of the tank is a brass plate announcing the model number. This brass plate was changed to a transfer about 1940, and a wide pump was introduced in 1938. So, this example should be an early one dating to around 1937. Thanks both Neil McRae & Pete for good information and images.

Tilley Model FL6 and is quoted from Paul Hindley's collection with his permission. Thanks Paul.

This is a Tilley hanging lamp, "The Victor", Model KL80. It has the later design harp frame which was introduced in 1935 and was available until early 1960s.

On the left is a Tilley Model OH574 (Over Head) that is designed to project light at any angle between horizontal and vertical. It has a 14 inch reflector and 4,000 reflected cp. This lamp was ideal for lighting inside ceilings and the underside of bridges for construction work. It still has its bug shield in place which is seen reflected in the lower part of the polished dish. On the right is a Tilley R55 that is a long burning version of the single burner radiator. Both are quoted from Mike Baker's collection with his permission. Thanks Mike.

Tilley Model X458. It has a polished reflector which was bolted to handle. The lamp was designed for "flounder fishing hoilday" in USA and was made in later 1950s.

Tilley Model EX100 which was introduced around 1940 and was available until 1946. It has a light blue painted "steel" fount with bolts coming obliquely for the hanging wire.
The right one is quoted from Neil McRae's collection with his permission. As you can see, it has an original nice looking shade. Thanks Neil.

Tilley "Hospital Lamp" and is quoted from Fujio Tokumasu's collection with his permission. It seemed to be made for military use and not to be listed in catalogues. Please note that the blue fount was repainted and is not the original colors. Thanks Fujio.

Tilley Model TL10 Table Lamp and is quoted from Mike Baker's collection with his permission. Judging from its valve & fount style, it seems to be made in 1940s. Thanks Mike.

This is an early version of Tilley Radiator Model R1 and is quoted from Mike Baker's collection with his permission. Thanks Mike.

This is a Tilley Model AL15A called a Hand Lamp or Location Lamp and is quoted from Ron Bradfield's collection with his permission. It continued the idea of AL10 & AL15, a shield over the burner, but had a completely different tank and handle. We are not sure about its dating, seems to be from 1960s.

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