Roman-no-kai (ROMAN Alpine Club)

Roman-no-kai (ROMAN alpine club) is a non-commercial hiking club based in Tokyo, Japan.

This site provides you information about us and our plans to go hiking. To see Japanese site, click here.

Who We Are

Roman-no-kai consists of over 60 members. Genders, ages, occupations are diverse, but most of us live in Tokyo (Kanto) area. We run the club voluntarily. Anytime you can join us or quit.

What We Do

We go hiking at least twice a month. In summer season, we have trips to climb high mountains (over 2000 meters high). It usually takes two or three days. In other seasons, we go one-day hiking to remote area.

Our walking pace (speed) is not so fast, so you can follow us easily. Besides hiking we enjoy watching flowers and warming ourselves in hot springs. Especially, hot springs are our main concern. After hiking we always drop in a hot spring if we can.

Share Information

If you have a question, send your mail to We will reply you.

Our Plan

click here to see our schedule.